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Ben & Jerry’s Strategically Climb Onto The Oat Icecream Bandwagon

In a strategic move towards catering to a wider audience, Ben & Jerry's, the global ice cream brand, is adopting a novel oat ice cream recipe.

The company, recognised for its innovative flavours and textures, is unveiling what it says is a smoother and decadent product to meet the needs of consumers seeking more dairy-free alternatives.

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Oat Based Icecream

Source: Ben & Jerry's

Since the introduction of non-dairy almond based ice cream flavors in 2016, fans have relished the opportunity to savour their favorite Ben & Jerry's chunks and swirls without cows milk.

Building on this success, the brand is now transitioning all its non-dairy ice cream offerings, including popular Scoop Shop flavours, to an oat-based recipe. The first delightful rendition to hit the freezers will be "Cookies on Cookie Dough."

The shift from an almond to an oat based is undoubtedly not just about the cost of raw materials but also a responce to consumer sustainability sentiments. So too, it also addresses concerns regarding nut allergens, promoting inclusivity for individuals with dietary sensitivities.

Ben & Jerry's says the oat-based recipe actually enhances ice cream texture, allowing flavours like chocolate, caramel, mint, and vanilla to be used.

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Oat Based Icecream

Source: Ben & Jerry's

Colleen Rossell, a Flavour Guru at Ben & Jerry's, is excited by the new recipe, promising a more indulgent experience with the same iconic chunks and swirls.

'The new "Cookies on Cookie Dough" oat-based ice cream, is just a hint of what's to come. Ben & Jerry followers can expect a smoother, more flavorful journey as the company continues to innovate and elevate the global non-dairy ice cream landscape', says Colleen Rossell.

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