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Full FETA Ahead As NZ's Angel Food DairyFree Cheese Facing Challenges With Aussie Market

UPDATED: In the realm of plant-based cheeses, New Zealand-based company Angel Food stands as a true pioneer. Known for its innovative and delicious dairy-free alternatives, the company now has its sights set on entering the Australian market.

However, the high costs associated with market entry sees Angel Food dairy-free cheese facing challenges with Aussie market. Undeterred, Angel Food is exploring alternative distribution methods, seeking to forge long-term relationships with major players in the Australian supermarket space such as Woolworths.

Alice Shopland Angel Food Founder

Already available in New Zealand's leading supermarket chain, Countdown, Angel Food has finally and successfully launched its brand new line of fully plant-based and dairy-free FETA and Sour Cream products.

Alice Shopland, the Founder and Managing Director of Angel Food, (pictured left) acknowledges the barriers her small yet innovative company faces, but as these products hit the shelves, she wonders if its existing partnership with Countdown could pave the way for a successful entry into Australia.

Source: Angel Food

'I firmly believe we possess the necessary skills and creativity to overcome these obstacles. but now we cannot find adequate chilled shipping container space between New Zealand and major Australian markets like Melbourne and Sydney. Another challenge we have to overcome', says Alice Shopland.

Speaking about Angel Food's newest dairy-free releases, FETA and Sour Cream, Alice Shopland reveals the quality of these products is so exceptional consumers and food service operators could easily substitute them for their dairy equivalents without anyone noticing a difference in flow, texture, and performance.

Source: Angel Food

'These outstanding qualities sets Angel Food apart and instills confidence in our ability to ultimately crack the Australian market', says Alice Shopland.

To further showcase their offerings and connect with industry professionals, Angel Food will be participating in the upcoming Fine Food NZ trade-only exhibition at the Auckland Showgrounds from the 25th to the 27th of June.

'This platform provides an excellent opportunity for Angel Food to generate interest and explore potential oversea partnerships', concludes Alice Shopland.

Meanwhile Angel Food opens a new round of fund raising via PledgeMe opening 19th of June, underpinning efforts to infiltrate the Australian market into 2024. They are looking to raise a minimum of $200,000 (for a share of 4.17% of the company) with a maximum raise of $500,000 (for a share of 9.8% of the company). At the same time Alice Shopland says they also want to continue to improve their product range and attract an experienced General Manager.

The minimum investment is $331.00 (for 10 shares at $33.10 per share). The share offer will close on 3 July (or when fully subscribed if earlier).

More information about Angel Food products CLICK HERE



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