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Chefs Palate Tickled By Vermont Vegan Artisan Bleu Cheese

Currently the global plant-based cheese market is estimated to be worth around US$2.5 billion annually and growing around 12.8% each year. This is quite an astounding figure bearing in mind 'old world' dairy based cheese has been a staple in the average family refrigerator for generations.

cat ready to eat cheese

Now things are changing and US Vegan Chef Glen Mansfield's palate is especially tickled by Vermont vegan artisan Bleu cheese jam packed with flavour enhancing Bacillus .

Here is his review with tasting notes contributed by Glen's cat (pic right)

'Sometimes I come across a product I just need to tell others about. This is one of those products made by two great people, Dara and Ric at Nourish Deli & Bakery in St. Albans Vermont.

This company makes a range of Vegan Artisan cheese and let me say it is the BEST thing to come out of Vermont in quite a while. It's no ordinary cheese. It's super tasty and the texture is incredible.

While Ric and Dara make different varieties of 100% plant-based cheese including Mozzarella, Parmesan, Bleu cheese and Brie among others, it's their outstanding Bleu cheese which really tickles my taste buds. It's got all the traditional notes of its dairy cousins with a wonderful meandering blue vein of Penecillium Roquiforti throughout its creamy texture leaving a mild tangy finish. Yes its 100% cashew based and a blind tasting would leave you wondering if it was indeed dairy based.

Source: Nourish

Nourish says the Artisan 'Frauxmage' Bleu continues to grow its bloom as it ages and reaches full maturity at approximately 7-weeks depending on the environment it is kept in.

Nourishes Brie is the next to jump out and grab my taste buds with a fresh yet mature palette of fulfilling flavours.

Source: Nourish

Some like to bake their Brie in the oven for a few minutes, I prefer mine straight up on crackers. Any kind of crackers will do because like crust on pizza - its just a delivery method for the cheese and this Brie will be the star of the party. It's so good you can put it on your cheese board and cut it into wedges and snack on it all day without getting tired of it.

There are different Brie flavours (pictured left) including the Four Peppercorn, an Original and a Mushroom and Truffle cheese for mushroom Lovers. The Bourbon and Pecan Brie is also quite exceptional.

You can find their products in Vermont and Nourish will SHIP to you so there is no reason to delay having this great Bleu or Brie on your counter, on your cheese board or in your picnic basket.

Si vous souhaitez impressionner quelqu'un avec votre bon goût en matière de cuisine, CLIQUEZ ici pour plus d'informations. Nourish livre dans tout le pays aux États-Unis.

If you want to impress someone with your good taste in food, CLICK here for more information. Nourish ships nationwide US.

Without doubt Nourish, Vermont is a leading protagonist and change maker in the global non-dairy cheese révolution. Vive la révolution!! '

Thank you Chef Glen Mansfield for this review.





Thanks Scott !



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