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Could ‘Pot Lentils’ Bite Into Lucrative Global ‘Pot Noodle’ Market? Lentiful Thinks So.

In what's seen as a provocative stride towards redefining convenience food, the U.S.-based startup Lentiful has launched a new range of 'pot lentils', tapping into the global pot noodle market, valued at nearly $43.20 billion by 2027.

Lentiful pot lentils

Source: Lenitful

Spearheaded by the vegan-based, Bacon family, Lentiful offers a healthy, sustainable, and flavourful alternative to traditional instant noodles, jam packed with nutritional benefits.

Lentiful -  The Bacon family

Ben and Brooke Bacon, the visionary duo behind Lentiful, embarked on their journey to transform their family's diet towards more plant-based options, discovering the myriad benefits of lentils in the process.

Lentils, known for their high protein, fibre, and essential micronutrients, became the cornerstone of Lentiful's product line. The Bacons' commitment to promoting healthier eating habits led to the creation of this vibrant range of both sweet and savory lentil-based meals, designed to cater to busy lifestyles without compromising on nutrition.

Source: Lentiful - The Bacon family.

Lentiful stands out in the global 'pot food' market, by offering a product not only convenient but also significantly higher in protein compared to traditional pot noodles.

Source : Lentiful - Product slide

With protein content ranging from 20 to 30 percent in lentils, versus the modest 4 grams typically found in a serving of instant noodles, Lentiful positions itself as a superior choice for consumers seeking nutritious, quick-to-prepare food options.

The all vegan, Bacon family's journey from a casual lentil discovery during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to the launch of Lentiful illustrates a remarkable commitment to health, sustainability, and the belief in an abundant, sharing mindset, encapsulated in the brand name itself.

With its roots in personal transformation and a mission to encourage healthier eating habits worldwide, Lentiful is well positioned to make a significant impact in the convenience food sector, offering a delicious, nutritious, and sustainable alternative amidst a market ripe for innovation.

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