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Carnival Cruises Introduces Fleetwide Vegan Menu for Cruise Passengers

The cruise industry in the United States is witnessing a resurgence in passenger numbers, rebounding from pandemic-induced slowdowns.

Statisa reports that in 2022, approximately 12.6 million North Americans opted for cruise vacations.

Carnival Cruise Vessel

Source: Carnival Cruises

Cruise enthusiasts are naturally drawn to the diverse destinations, entertainment, and culinary experiences aboard these ships. The good news is, the availability of plant-based food options is on the rise, adding to the appeal of cruising from those health conscious individuals.

Carnival Cruise Line, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation and operating 24 ships across popular routes, has joined the growing trend of offering vegan-friendly menus.

Passengers sailing with Carnival Cruise Line can now enjoy a comprehensive vegan menu, currently accessible on the Carnival Freedom and Carnival Horizon ships, with plans to extend the offering to the entire fleet by year-end.

Source: Carnival Cruises

Richard Morse, Carnival Cruise Line’s Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage, acknowledged the increasing demand for meat- and dairy-free options, citing research indicating a significant portion of Americans embracing plant-based meats.

Plant-based food options are a rising preference on our ships just as they are on land, and so the new dishes we’re introducing are a direct response to that shift,” said Richard Morse, Carnival’s senior VP of food and beverage, in a press release.

The new vegan menus include appetizers such as Hawaiian Salmon Poke with plant-based salmon and Spaghetti Carbonara with vegan bacon, as well as main courses like Grilled Tofu Steak and Eggplant Cutlet a la Parmigiana. Dessert options encompass delights like Key Lime Velvet Cake and Dutch Double Chocolate Pave.

“Our skilled chefs work to accommodate all dietary needs and preferences but building on our vegan offerings and emphasizing them with specific menus will help to make ordering easier in the dining room and preparation more efficient in the galley,” Morse continued.

This initiative aligns with a broader trend within the cruise industry, where other major cruise lines, including Disney, Regent Seven Seas, Aida Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises, have already embraced plant-based offerings.

Source: Carnival Cruises

Among the new options are:


  • Hawaiian Salmon Poke featuring plant-based salmon, edamame, mango and cucumber.

  • Stuffed Mushrooms stuffed with plant-based cheeses and spinach.

  • Spaghetti Carbonara with vegan bacon, onion and garlic.


  • Grilled Tofu Steak covered in honey barbecue sauce, with a Hasselback potato and mixed vegetables.

  • Baked Vegetable Au Gratin sprinkled with melted plant-based cheeses.

  • Eggplant Cutlet a la Parmigiana covered in vegan mozzarella, topped with pesto and basil leaves.


  • Key Lime Velvet Cake with raspberry and strawberry.

  • Dutch Double Chocolate Pave with buttercream frosting.

  • Cappuccino Pot de Créme.

The move is a response to the evolving preferences of travelers, where plant-based cuisine is becoming increasingly popular, reflecting a larger shift observed in the travel industry.

With this development, Carnival Cruise Line endeavors to cater to a wider range of dietary preferences, reflecting the cruise industry's commitment to providing diverse and accommodating culinary experiences to its passengers.

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