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WNWN’s Ethical Chocolate Bars A Sweet Rebellion Against Traditional Brands

In a daring move that has the chocolate industry abuzz, UK's, WNWN Food Labs is unleashing a trio of revolutionary cocoa-free chocolate bars upon the UK market.

WNWN Food Chocnut look alike

Source: WNWN Food Labs

But it’s not just the introduction of three new products; it’s a bold challenge to the chocolate giants.

WNWN Food Orange  Choc look alike

Source: WNWN Food Labs

WNWN Food Labs, cocoa-free chocolate brand, has crafted three new chocolate bars bearing an uncanny resemblance to the classics. But don’t be fooled by the familiar wrappers; these bars carry no dark secrets of child labor, deforestation, or environmental recklessness. They’re here to redefine the chocolate landscape with a sweet rebellion.

WNWN Food vegan choc look alike

Source: WNWN Food Labs

The striking resemblances of WNWN’s bars to the UK’s cherished chocolate classics are by design.

Choc Nut, Choc Orange, and Vegan M•lk Choc are openly crafted to mimic the taste and texture of the favorites while upholding unwavering ethical and sustainable standards.

“We’ve taken the essence of beloved chocolate bars and removed the guilt from every bite,” says Ahrum Pak, WNWN’s visionary CEO.

“While traditional chocolate often leaves a bitter aftertaste of child labor, deforestation, and environmental harm, our bars provide all the pleasure without the price.”

Each 48-gram bar carries a price tag of £5, and a bundle featuring all three bars is available for £15, starting November 1. Pre-orders are already underway on WNWN’s online store, and demand is growing. *

You could finish reading this piece here but here's the real back story.

The global cocoa industry is at a crossroads. Cocoa prices have shot up by a staggering 66% in the UK and 46% in the U.S., raising eyebrows and questions about the practices within the industry. In the EU, cocoa linked to deforestation has been banned, and in the U.S., legal battles are brewing to halt imports of cocoa harvested by child labor.

In a world where companies face increasing pressure to clean up their supply chains, WNWN’s cocoa-free chocolate is seen as a beacon of hope. Their internal analysis shows that this dark chocolate alternative emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional chocolate and plays no part in deforestation, habitat destruction, or unfair labor practices that taint the conventional chocolate supply chain.

'WNWN’s ethical chocolate bars are not just a treat but a bold statement against whats wrong with the global chocolate industry'.

The familiar branding may catch your eye, but it’s the revolutionary approach to ethical consumption that should win your heart.

As you unwrap these bars, you’re not just indulging in a delightful snack; you’re becoming part of a movement envisioning a world where chocolate can be enjoyed without the weight of a conscience.

*Each bar is dairy-free, palm oil-free, and caffeine-free; all wrappers are compostable and the cardboard sleeves are recyclable.  

For more information CLICK HERE.



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