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Lab-Grown Berry Products May Be The Next Best Thing On Your Supermarket Shelves

Israeli Nutritech startup Novella, has unveiled a unique technology guaranteed to change the way we view and consume berry products. Novella has developed intact-cell berry compounds grown outside of plants, using precision-controlled-environment technology. This innovation aims to capture the antioxidants and wellness attributes that make berry products a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.

Novella, berry montage

Source: Novella In recent years, the nutraceutical industry has experienced remarkable growth, with a market size of $423 billion in 2022 and projected compound annual growth of 4.5% a year to 2032, according to Global Market Insights. Nutraceuticals, which blend the benefits of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, have become a fundamental part of consumers' wellness routines. What sets Novella apart is its focus on delivering berry-derived nutraceuticals catering to specific health concerns while also offering multifaceted therapeutic advantages. This sets the company apart from others in the industry, where most are concentrated on producing bulk material. Novella's approach minimizes waste and maximizes nutrient concentration, creating a pure plant or berry cell powder the body can effortlessly absorb.

Novella, Israel laboratory

Source: Novella Novella's approach not only aligns with the sustainability goals of cultivated meat companies but also addresses consumer demand for healthier and more eco-friendly products. By targeting the precise tissues of berries with the highest nutrient concentrations, Novella can extract vital compounds without the need to cultivate the entire plant. The result is a product offering all the nutritional benefits of berries without any waste and free of climatic variations. Novella's innovative method could pave the way for a significant shift in how we obtain essential nutrients from berries. Their commitment to reducing waste and enhancing the health benefits of berries resonates with the growing consumer desire for sustainable and health-focused products.

Novella's innovative approach is set to bring a fresh perspective to the world of nutrition and sustainability. Lab-grown berry products may very well be the next best thing on supermarket shelves.

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