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BREAKING NEWS - Singapore Opens Door For Halal-Certified Cultivated Meat, Setting Global Precedent

Singapore – In breaking news, the Fatwa Committee of the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)—Singapore's authoritative body for issuing halal certifications—has announced halal-certified cultivated meat could be considered under specific conditions.

This pivotal decision, revealed at MUIS' exclusive Fatwa Conference featuring notable experts including GFI APAC's cultivated meat scientist Dr. Maanasa Ravikumar, marks a significant moment for the future of food technology and Islamic dietary laws.

GFI Asia Pacific Singapore 3rd February, 2024

Source: GFI Asia Pacific Singapore 3rd February, 2024

After rigorous evaluation, involving detailed presentations from GFI APAC and a comprehensive review by MUIS' Fatwa Lab Project scholars, the committee has concluded that the environmental and food security benefits of cultivated meat substantially outweigh potential drawbacks. This deliberation led to the acceptance of cultivated meat as halal, provided it meets certain criteria: originating from permissible species, excluding non-halal ingredients in its production, and obtaining necessary food safety approvals.

Singapore, the first nation to approve commercial sales of cultivated meat, continues to lead in food innovation, aligning with the dietary needs of its Muslim population. With Southeast Asia's significant Muslim demographic, this ruling by MUIS is poised to influence global halal food standards and bolster cultivated meat's market viability.

Cultivated Meat Images

Source: GFI Credits: CellX, GOOD Meat, Shiok Meats, and Wildtype

Cultivated meat and seafood could soon be produced in a way deemed permissible under halal standards. 

Although current cultivated meat products have yet to meet these newly established halal guidelines, this announcement has been eagerly welcomed by food producers aiming for religious certification.

According to GFI APAC's Managing Director Mirte Gosker, achieving halal certification is crucial for cultivated meat's transition from an innovative concept to a dietary staple worldwide.

This decision by MUIS not only champions the sustainability cause and food security but also highlights Singapore's ongoing commitment to inclusivity and innovation in the global food industry.



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