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Voyage Foods Embarking on a Well Funded Future with its Cocoa Free Chocolate

San Francisco based, Voyage Foods is shaking up the food world with their revolutionary delicious and sustainable cocoa-free chocolate.

The Bay Area company has just landed $52 million in new funding, a testament to their innovative approach to creating the next generation of 'comfort foods', including bean-free coffee and nut-free spreads.

Voyage Foods - Cocoa free chocolate applications.

Source: Voyage Foods - Cocoa free chocolate applications.

Why go cocoa-free? Traditional cocoa production is facing challenges with soaring prices ( up 250%) and environmental concerns, so Voyage Foods has developed a way to enjoy chocolate without the cocoa. Their proprietary technology not only sidesteps the fluctuating cocoa market but also significantly reduces the environmental impact. A third-party assessment even found their cocoa-free products are more sustainable than conventional chocolate.

Adam Maxwell, CEO and Founder of Voyage Foods (shown seated right in image below) says the company has always been focused on solving human and environmental health challenges through food. The best way to accomplish this is by supplying to the world's food brands and manufacturers with our impactful ingredients. "Now partnering with Cargill, a leader in the food industry for over 100 years, is the perfect way to scale these solutions globally to offer food manufacturers the ability to integrate cocoa-free confectionery and spreads, produced with no nut or dairy allergens used in the recipe formulation, into their portfolios. Together, we’re amplifying our impact on people and the planet,” says Adam Maxwell,

Inge Demeyere (shown below seated left) from Cargill highlighted the partnership's potential, saying, “This collaboration helps us meet the growing demand for sustainable and health-conscious food options.”

Cargill Signing global distribution deal with Voyage Foods team

Source: Cargill Signing global distribution deal with Voyage Foods team

Voyage Foods’ products are already making waves in the market. Their allergy-friendly spreads, free from the top nine allergens, hit Walmart shelves in the US in 2023, making it easier than ever to enjoy tasty and safe food options.

As traditional food sources face increasing challenges, Voyage Foods is leading the charge with innovative solutions promising to transform our kitchens and our planet. So, whether you’re sipping on bean-free coffee or indulging in cocoa-free chocolate, you’re part of a deliciously sustainable future.

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