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Voting Is Open For The 2024 NZ Dairy Free Awards

See who the winners are HERE

Supporting growing demand for dairy-free alternatives, the New Zealand Vegan Society has opened voting for the 2024 NZ Dairy Free Awards. This event, marking its fourth year, is at the centre of the society's Feb-NoDairy initiative, inviting consumers to cast their votes for more than 100 dairy free products.

Dairy Free Berry Sorbet .

With the deadline for votes set for the 19th of February, participants are encouraged to explore and select from an array of innovative products across six diverse categories. This year's nominations have been carefully curated through extensive outreach, including social media engagements and direct communications with numerous companies, culminating in a varied and exciting lineup for the survey.

Among the new entrants is Eat Kinda, capturing imaginations with its cauliflower-based ice cream, 'a masterpiece of culinary innovation and waste reduction'. This remarkable product, alongside offerings from Little Liberty and a host of other brands including Sara Lee, Ben and Jerry's, multi-award winning, Little Lato, Waihiki, Savour Butta and several others, showcases the rich diversity and quality of plant-based alternatives available to consumers.

Source: Various Branded Public Domain

The awards aim to gauge public opinion on the crème de la crème of dairy-free ice creams, butters, yogurts, creams, desserts, and milks, offering a unique opportunity for consumers to champion their preferred brands and products. Highlighting the dynamic evolution of the market, this year's awards feature novel entries underscoring the creativity and commitment of manufacturers to sustainability and innovation.





Ice Cream



As the deadline approaches, the NZ Vegan Society urges everyone to participate in this celebration of plant-based non-dairy products. By voting, you not only support the advancement of dairy-free alternatives but also encourage companies to continue their quest for excellence and innovation in this rapidly evolving market.

Let your voice be heard, and help shape the future of dairy-free indulgence in New Zealand.

Check out the full list of 2023 winners HERE

See the full list and VOTE HERE for your 2024 favs.



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