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Uncle Harry's Vegan Grill Partners with Fratelli Imports to Bring Natraburgers to Victoria

In a significant 2024 expansion of its distribution network, Sydney, Australia based, Uncle Harry's Vegan Grill, has announced a new partnership with Fratelli Imports in Melbourne, Victoria. This collaboration marks a major milestone in making the very popular Natraburger range available to a broader audience in Australia.

Uncle Harry's Natraburger

Source: Uncle Harrys Vegan Grill

Founded in 1994 by the late Allan Rodd, Uncle Harry's Vegan Grill, originally known as ‘Uncle Harrys Natural Foods’ and ‘Uncle Harry’s Natty Patty’, has been at the forefront of offering healthy, convenient, plant-based foods. Upholding Allan's legacy, the company is energetically committed to producing products not only nutritious and easy to prepare but also delicious.

With the growing demand for quality plant-based food, Uncle Harry's Natraburgers come in a variety of flavours including Famous Original, Spicy Chilli, and Mushroom and Sweet Potato and Couscous.

Made with 100% Australian fresh vegetables, whole grains, sunflower seeds, and spices, these burgers contain no coded additives, no added sugar, or yeast. Notably, the Mushroom Natraburger boasts 13% protein with the Spicy version weighing in at 17% of pure plant protein.

Uncle Harry's Vegan grill burger

Source: Uncle Harrys Vegan Grill

Uncle Harry's Vegan Grill has already made significant inroads into the New South Wales food service sector, with its products available via Bidfood, PFD, and also on the Marley Spoon vegan menu. The brand has garnered positive reviews from not only large medical institutions but also popular restaurant chains in Sydney for its nutrient-rich, easy-to-prepare options.

Uncle Harrys owner Keith Milne

Current CEO, Keith Milne (shown left) says Uncle Harry's Natraburgers are a cut above other brands because of the commitment to using only fresh ingredients. "Contrary to the common practice of using fillers like soy, lentils, chickpeas, or potatoes in plant-based burgers, Uncle Harry's uses all fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Our burgers are baked, not fried, ensuring a healthier, ready-to-serve option", says Keith Milne.

The Natraburger range is free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, and yeast, catering to a wide range of dietary needs, including those with food allergies. Currently served in over 12 hospitals in the state of NSW, these burgers are high in protein, low in salt, and have no added sugars, making them a source of balanced nutrition.

"With this exciting partnership with Fratelli Imports, Uncle Harry's Vegan Grill is set to make a significant impact in Victoria, offering a healthy, delicious alternative to conventional fast food', says Keith Milne.

The company's motto, ‘EAT BETTER’, reflects its commitment to providing wholesome, plant-based options both enjoyable and beneficial for health. This collaboration promises a remarkable year ahead for Uncle Harry's Vegan Grill.

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