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Plant-Powered Vegan Burger Triumphs in New Zealand's FMCG Awards

In a definite shift towards plant-based preferences, ANZCO Foods' Angel Bay brand has clinched the 2023 New Zealand FMCG Business Product of the Year Award with its vegan burger.

Angel Bay Gourmey Veggie Burger

Source: Angel Bay

The award-winning Vegan Veggie Burger has made a remarkable journey from its inception among traditional beef and lamb products to lead the charge in this evolving consumer food sector.

Angel Bay Veggie Burger

Source: Angel Bay - Veggie Burger

The Angel Bay burger not only captures taste buds but also the ethos of mindful consumers, increasingly favouring sustainable and ethical food choices. The burger patties, also recognised by judges for their taste and versatility, outshone numerous contenders to win this years award.

The recognition for Angel Bay's Veggie Burger highlight a consumer market that's leaning towards inclusivity and diversity in dietary options. As a testament to its widespread appeal, this product has been crafted to suit a variety of dietary needs, being egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, while also carrying the HALAL New Zealand certification.

Judges noted the Veggie Burger's convenience and appeal for family dinners, praising its suitability for both plant-based eaters and those looking to reduce their meat consumption. Angel Bay's triumph underscores a significant shift in consumer habits and market trends, where plant-based alternatives are no longer niche but mainstream contenders especially when sold side by side of beef and lamb options.

Source: Angel Bay Veggie Burger Options

The FMCG Business Product of the Year Award is not just a win for Angel Bay but a win for the plant-based movement, signaling a profound change in the food industry. This victory is a clear indication that the future of food consumption is evolving, with a focus on health, sustainability, and ethical considerations.

As New Zealanders and global consumers continue to embrace plant-based diets, Angel Bay's Veggie Burger stand as a true pioneer of this new plant portein era. The recognition by FMCG Business is a milestone for ANZCO Foods and a harbinger for the kind of products that will undoubtedly define the grocery chillers of tomorrow.

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