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TiNDLE Takes Its Plant-Based Chicken Into UK Streets

Alex Ward, COO of TiNDLE (NetGenFoods - Singapore) is quoted as saying 'Chicken is the UK’s most popular meat, with the level of consumption far outstripping beef, lamb or pork. TiNDLE is here to disrupt the meat and poultry industry with our plant-based chicken'.

Recent TiNDLE stats indicate their plant-based chicken burgers, nuggets and wings are on track as a genuine replacement for 'chicken meat from animals' due to cooking convenience, taste and a growing scarcity of chickens. UK farmers are increasingly under pressure with spiralling costs and the ever present threat of avian flu.

TiNDLE are well positioned to capitalise of the changing supply dynamics hitting the UK.

Source: TiNDLE - Alex Ward - COO

The company's catch-phrase is 'Anywhere chicken is, TiNDLE has to be’. Now TiNDLE can be found in all of Morrisons UK 350 supermarkets.

Source: TiNDLE

Its TiNDLE's mission to introduce as many flexitarians and those on the 'cusp of change' to the TiNDLE range. Nimble in its ability to respond quickly to the opportunity presenting itself in the UK market targeting train stations with brochureware and products directing commuters to Morrisons.

Source: TiNDLE - Outside Finsbury station Wednesday 3rd May, 2023

TiNDLE live at Finsbury Park Station making sure hundreds of UK commuters had dinner sorted.

But what makes the TiNDLE plant-based chicken running out at 17% protein per 100gm so acceptable?

'Our products contain Lipi™', says TiNDLE

' A unique blend of plant-based fats and flavour. It’s the secret sauce giving TiNDLE the distinctive aroma, taste, and cook-ability of chicken. We want to make the future of food more sustainable, without having to compromise on taste, texture and the versatility of chicken we all love', says TiNDLE.


The brand is also seeing success in Germany, launching in 2,200 Edeka stores in February, expanding to nearly 4,000 locations early May, 2023.

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