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Will MagicValley Pull Both Cultivated Lamb & Pork Out Of Its Hat in '24

Consumers are eagerly awaiting the first of Australia's cultivated meat products from

Melbourne, Australia based Magic Valley who has announced it has perfected a cultivated pork product.

Using a plant-based cultivation serum (not animal based), Magic Valley under the stewardship of Founder and CEO, Paul Bevan is leading the charge in sustainable and ethical cultivated meat production at Magic Valley. He says taste and flavour play an important part in the final product. The company has already perfected a cultivated lamb product.

"Our cultivated pork products provide the exact same flavour experience for consumers who enjoy traditionally farmed pork. It is an ethical and sustainable solution and at scale, our products will be much cheaper than traditional alternatives", says Paul Bevan.

So far the Magic Valley product has been trialed in Chinese menu items such as wontons and dumplings.

Source: Magic Valley Cultivated Pork Dumplings

Magic Valley is also driven by the need to pragmatically demonstrate to the world the role cultivated meat is playing in helping to reduce green-house gas emissions by removing 'the live animal' from the eating equation.

“The global need for alternative proteins to meet the demands of the growing population is imperative as we take that journey to achieving net-zero, steering clear of traditional ways of consuming meat for ethical and environmental reasons", says Paul Bevan.

The global cultivated meat market is set to reach $630 billion by 2040, giving Australia enormous opportunity to contribute to this growing industry aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Source: Magic Valley - Cultivated Lamb Tacos

Next out of the Magic Valley hat is cultivated beef, sights set on being given the go-ahead for production early in '24.

Continuing the use of its Australian-first technology, Magic Valley is eager to leverage its expertise in lamb and pork and get more forms of alternative protein on Australian tables, ethically and sustainably, as it scales up production of it’s unique technology.



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