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Burger King Expanding All-Vegan Global Reach

There's no-doubt about it, one of the planet's largest fast food companies is taking plant-based vegan very seriously throughout Europe, Iberia and down-under.

A new all-vegan location has just opened in Vienna, Austria hard on the heals of a new outlet on the Iberian Peninsula in Portugal.

My LI connection, ProVeg International Co-Founder Tobias Leenaert posted these new images of the Viennese locations earlier this week.

Seen by BK, Austria as a trial, the company will gauge consumer uptake of the fully vegan unit before establishing more outlets.

All items on the selection board are vegan = no animal products of any description.

Following successful openings in its vegan restaurants in Bristol and London, Burger King has opened its first fully vegan location in Lisbon, Portugal.

VeganFood & Living reports its full steam ahead for BK's first 100% vegan outlet in Portugal.

"The vegan pop-up opened on November 4 and will be open for a month. During the trial, the chain will offer customers vegan versions of classics such as the Whopper, Big King, and Long Chicken, created in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher", says VFL.

BK first introduced plant-based burger options in the US back in 2019 using the Impossible Foods bleeding burger product. This has proved highly successful for BK in the US with the plant-based option available in all stores across the country.

The Impossible Burger boasts 18.8gms of protein per serving as well as being free of hormone additives and antibiotics.

PFN-Editor - Scott Mathias



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