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Mushrooms in Space - The Final Delicious Frontier ?

Imagine space food getting a taste of the same exciting revolution happening right here on Earth.

Mycorena, Gothenburg, Sweden is at the forefront of this cosmic culinary shift with their innovative AFCiS system.

Mycorena Mushroom Protein Lab

Source: Mycorena - Production Lab

'It's like a circular food factory that uses mushrooms and algae to create a new kind of space-friendly meal'.

The Deep Space Food Challenge, a competition orchestrated by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, is the driving force behind this movement.

They're on a mission to find ways to make space food that's not just nourishing and safe, but also delicious and easy to produce on board craft with minimal resources.

Mycorena Mushroom Protein

Source: Mycorena - Mushroom protein ready for use

Mycorena's AFCiS system is a marvel in itself, turning algae and fungi into something called mycoprotein, which can be transformed into all sorts of food using 3D printing.

'It's a game-changer for sustainable food production both in space and back on Earth', says Dr. Kristina Karlsson, Head of R&D at Mycorena

'The future of food is not just about Earth; it's about exploring new horizons. Our AFCiS system brings a taste of home to space while being gentle on resources'.

Earlier this year, In the final leg of the competition, Mycorena showcased their AFCiS system to a jury from NASA.

'This could be a turning point in how we approach food beyond our planet', says Dr. Carlos Nunez-Otero, TechMyc Project Manager at Mycorena,

'Space is a challenging kitchen, and we've just served the appetizer. The main course is yet to come',

Get ready to see a whole new world of food, not just in space, but right here on Earth, thanks to Mycorena's groundbreaking innovations.

Mycorena Mushroom Protein uses

Source: Mycorena - The many uses for mushroom protein

The winners of the Deep Space Food Challenge are set to be revealed in April, next year, and it could mark a new era in how we think about what we eat, no matter where we are on the Cosmos.

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