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Swedish Supermarket Chain Sets Up First Vertical Green Farm In-Store

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Sweden's largest supermarket chain ICA Kvantum this month opens its first in-store vertical 'green farm' enabling customers to select living 'greens' from a vertical garden display.

Playing catch-up with other Swedish chains, which have already adopted in-store 'Green Farming', the new ICA Kvantum Emporia, in Malmo and vertical farming integrator, Swegreen are collaborating to bring sustainable leafy greens to the store’s customers starting this month.

Swegreen, the country's pre-eminent vertical/indoor farming integrator has built an in-store farm at the brand new ICA supermarket in Malmö, allowing customers to personally select fresh lettuce, leafy greens, and herbs grown on location in the store.

Source: Swegreen

Vertical farming is seen as another way to reduce greenhouse emissions at the same time drastically cutting production, packaging, and transport costs.

The system is already in use by Ostenssons, a Swedish supermarket chain operating in the northern part of the country.

Source: Swegreen

Ostenssons has been actively promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing food waste for some years now. They work with local producers and farmers offering locally grown products, at the same time implementing various measures to reduce environmental impact, including investing in renewable energy and reducing plastic packaging. Growing vegetables in-store is one way that supports the company's emission goals.

Source: Swegreen

Swegreen's growing system drastically reduces components of the supply chain process from seven to just two.

'In these long value chains, a large amount of greenhouse gas emission occurs, and we have huge food loss and waste. With an in-store farm, retailers and food service operators can reduce transport emissions to zero. These crops travel for the very first time when the customer carries them home', says Swegreen.

Currently, Swegreen's growing system supports eleven types of greens from Crispy Lettuce to Red Thai Basil.

Source: Swegreen - The growing system.

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