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Would You Be Fooled? Vegan Sausages - It's The Taste & Flavour.

There is only really one way to come to terms with vegan 'meat' products made from pure plant ingredients and thats to try them. I can say many 'animal meat eaters' actually struggle to find a difference.

In the Uk recently, on Ch5's Jeremy Vine show, an aficionado of 'Sausage Butties' - sliced cooked sausage between two slices of white bread - was fooled by his vegan sampler stating outloud that they were 'clearly' the real thing.

Take a moment to look at this. Best viewed with expanded screen

At the same time on the other side of the world, Singapore, Good Meat's cultivated meat (created in a bioreactor from real animal cells) was getting on-the-spot rave reviews at a Huber's Butchery (yes they sell lots of animal meat as well) event.

Watch this again in expanded mode.

So what do these two videos reveal?

Is it not just all about taste? Can the transition away from using animal flesh ingredients to either plant based or cell based ingredients become de rigueur?

My opinion is YES; folk who are die-hard animal eaters will ultimately 'see the light' and come across. However entrenched cultural and societal conditioning will get in the way which means it may well take a couple of generations or will it ?

There is without doubt a global push to position animal farming firmly in the centre in the cyclical climate debate.

Recent announcements from the Netherland's, Germany and New Zealand's fart tax are indicators that moves are afoot to remove traditional animal farming altogether. NOTE: Contrary to common belief, it’s cow belching due to enteric fermentation which produces more methane not flatulence.

Whilst the politics of diversification away from industrialised animal manufacturing (which is what it really is) may intensify, I can however visualise one day a planet FREE of ANIMAL EXPLOITATION.

Tonight I will BBQ the UK's sixth most popular vegan sausage from Linda McCartney and I will report back.

Available from the The Vegan Shop Online in NZ and her entire range from Woolworth's Australia.



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