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Sanmik Natural Food Fires-Up PlantBased Revolution As Jack Takes Centre Stage At Fine Food NZ

Sanmik Natural Food, an Australian company renowned for its commitment to Sri Lankan original organic and plant-based products, is set to make its mark at the highly anticipated Fine Foods NZ 2023 show.

With over 800 products in its lineup, Sanmik Natural Food is exhibiting a plethora of innovative options catering to the discerning taste buds of professionals including its famous food-service-ready Jackfruit in brine products under The Tender Table brand.

Sanmik Natural Food New Zealand CEO, Anura Thawalampolage says he and his team are excited by the prospect of supplying the New Zealand food service industry, as 'Jack' takes centre stage.

'We have a second to none range of 100% organic food sustainably grown, harvested and crafted Jackfruit products designed not only to tempt discerning pallets but also to minimise the carbon footprint. This has to be good for not only the food service operator but also the customer and more importantly, Planet Earth', says Anura Thawalampolage.

The humble yet highly versatile jackfruit range has formed the backbone of Asian cookery for generations and its ability to take on flavours and resemble animal based pork and chicken is uncanny says Sanmik.

Source: Sanmik Foods - Fresh Jackfruit, Tender Table Jackfruit in Brine & pan-ready Jackfruit 'Chicken

Among the exciting new additions to their collection are trade size cans of Jackfruit in brine, perfect for creating tasty pulled Jackfruit burgers, aromatic Jackfruit curries, and other exotic plant-based chicken and pork dishes, tailored to suit even the most sophisticated menus. Shown below are pulled Jackfruit burgers, Jackfruit curry and the novel and sure to be popular Jackfruit drumsticks. CHECK OUT RECIPE IDEAS HERE

Source: Sanmik Foods - - Recipe curating Scott Mathias- Pulled Jackfruit Burgers, Jackfruit Curry, Jackfruit Drumsticks

Included in Sanmik's Jackfruit foodservice ready-to-serve range are 3kg pouches to order which come in a selection of exotic flavours including:

In addition Sanmik Natural Food will be launching an array of organic Coconut Rolls, Clusters, and Crunch products under its PATS brand banner.

Making its debut as well is the POKA Organic Pick Me Up Tea, a refreshing and antioxidant-rich crafted beverage with a sweet berry flavour, complimented by a mild citrus note.

Sanmik Natural Foods' dedication to organic sourcing is exemplified by their use of exclusively harvested organic young bright orange King Coconuts for their King Coconut Water and Cranberry beverage. Combined with the finest organic Cranberries, this thirst-quencher delivers a uniquely natural and revitalising experience.

NZ CEO, Anura Thawalampolage says foodservice trade professionals and chefs alike are invited to experience the extraordinary range of Sanmik Natural Food products at the Auckland Showgrounds from June 25 to 27.

'With our diverse offerings of organic plant-based delights, Sanmik Natural Food is truly revolutionising the way patrons can enjoy flavourful and sustainable plant-based food options', says Anura Thawalampolage

For more information about Sanmik Natural Food CLICK HERE or meet them in person at the Fine Foods NZ 2023 show.



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