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NZ Beer Waste Emerges As Vegan Crisps On Woolworths Australia Shelves

The Upcycled Grain Project (UGP) by Wellington, New Zealand based Rutherford & Meyer, is an innovative sustainability initiative rescuing leftover grain from beer brewing transforming it into delicious and indulgent crisps. Now they've emerged as vegan crisps on Woolworths Australia shelves.

rutherford & meyer vegan crisps

Source; Rutherford & Meyer

Commenced in 2019, the UGP has thrived under the guidance of a passionate team dedicated to artisan-made products and environmental preservation. So far the project has saved in excess of 12,000 kilograms of virgin grain.

By repurposing wheat grains from local breweries, UGP has developed a smart and sustainable recipe for charcuterie-board favourites. Traditionally discarded wheat grains are combined with other natural ingredients, including a minimum of 26 percent real fruit, to create vegan-friendly snacks requiring no additional resources.

rutherford & meyer cranberry & coconut vegan crispss

Source: Rutherford & Meyer

Rutherford & Meyer's website megaphones the 'Waste Not. Want Not' ideal that many baby boomers would have heard during the post war 50's era. This upcycling process benefits both the planet and consumers.

The use of spent grain results in nutty, sweet, and wholesome treats without any beery aftertaste, making them suitable for the entire family. The rescued grain, rich in fibre, protein, vitamins, and amino acids, retains all its goodness from the beer-brewing process. Additionally, all crisps are vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and made with 100 percent natural ingredients.

The Upcycled Grain Crisps are available in four delicious variants:

  • Raisin and Rosemary

  • Orange and Sesame

  • Cranberry & Coconut

  • Fig & Cardamom

rutherford & meyer vegan crisps

Source: Rutherford & Meyer

Each crisp complements fruit paste, cheese, or dips, making them a perfect choice for grazing boards, lunchboxes, or platters for two. Moreover, the convenient bite-size format allows for easy on-the-go snacking, whether at the office, during a busy day, or as an energy boost in the afternoon.

Upcycled Grain Crisps are available in the biscuit aisle of selected Australian Woolworths supermarkets. You can find them also in selected New Zealand New World, Countdown and Pak 'n Save supermarkets. Check out Rutherford & Meyers NZ store locator by CLICKING HERE.

The packaging proudly asserts these crisps are made with upcycled grains, providing customers with a unique snacking experience both delicious and Earthly sustainable.



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