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Radical Korean Unlimeat Launches A PlantBased Tuna

With its recently acquired FABI Award still warm following the recent US National Restaurant Show, the 'radical' Korean UNLIMEAT launches a plantbased tuna product.

Founder & CEO Keumchae Min Unlimeat

What makes UNLIMEAT 'radical'? The company uses Upcycled vegetables, including soy, rice and wheat. In other words the basis of its recipes include ingredients which would otherwise be thrown into landfill. Thus the 'sustainability' and 'protein recapture' factors behind the company's ethos are very profound. This indeed is what drives Founder and CEO Keumchae Min. (pictured left)

'I started my company to address the issue of food waste in my home country, South Korea. My career involved visiting many farms, where I saw firsthand the amount of food going to waste, and began working on a solution: Upcycling. I learned that excess grains like wheat and rice had many uses, and eventually realised upcycled plants could be used for plant-based meats', says Keumchae Min.

The UNLIMEAT tuna uses soybean protein to embody the lean taste of tuna with the addition of oat fibre along with the not so secret ingredient DHA, found in tuna and other fatty fish. Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which so happens to also be primary structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina.

Source: Unlimeat

UNLIMEAT says its plant-based tuna is high in protein, and free of any trace minerals such as mercury, now found in ocean caught Tuna fish.

Already pitching a range of traditional Korean flavoured BBQ sliced 'beef', 'pork', and 'jerky' plant products into their home country, UNLIMEAT is now making inroads into the US market as its 'jet black' food truck fast becomes a popular fixture on the streets of LA.

Unlimeat black food truck

The 'sustainability' story behind UNLIMEAT products is a very attractive POD - point of difference - in the fast evolving plant-based food sector.

'We want to accelerate the transition to plant-based eating by making it convenient and delicious for consumers. That is why we’re relentlessly finding ways to expand our offerings, from Korean BBQ to Pulled Pork, Pepperoni and Dumplings to Katsu, using diverse plant ingredients', says Keumchae Min

'We believe plant-based meats can be for everyone and work with every type of cooking and cuisine. That’s why we call ourselves UNLIMEAT - Unlimited Meat', concludes Keumchae Min.

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