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Redefine Meat Expands Plant-Based Meat Range Into Switzerland Thanks To A Butch Bunny

Swiss meat enthusiasts and plant-based aficionados alike have reason to celebrate as Redefine Meat™, as it debuts its 3D Bio-printed meat products in Switzerland.

The company has joined forces with Fredag AG, part of the Orior Group, exhibiting at the international IGEHO hospitality event from November 18th to 22nd in Basel, where Redefine's range will be unveiled.

Strategic partner Fredag AG is now the exclusive distributor in Switzerland, ensuring nationwide availability of premium Redefine Pro Beef Flank, Redefine Pro Beef Mince, and Redefine Pro Burger.

Source: Redefine Meat

As well, Northern Spring 2024 will herald the arrival in Switzerland of the Redefine Pulled Products and Redefine Kabab Mix.

Not content with these developments, the real headline-stealer is the innovative plant-based butcher shop, Butch Bunny. It proudly becomes the first establishment to bring new-meat directly to the people of Geneva, revolutionising the home based plant-based dining scene.

'Our customers absolutely love the sustainable Redefine PLANT products and find the taste and texture simply unique. Following a consumer trial in our shop, we are now adding the high-quality Redefine Flank and the juicy Redefine Burger to our range. Other products will follow', says Philip-James Hernandez, Co-Founder of Butch Bunny.

Source: Butch Bunny

With its diverse array of premium cuts, pulled meats, and minced-based products, Redefine Meat caters to meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike, providing a tantalizing sensory 'meat' experience that's endorsed by Michelin-star chefs and culinary establishments across Europe.

The European new-meat revolution has gained incredible momentum, with over 4,000 European foodservice outlets now serving Redefine's plant-based meat.

Using a blend of technologies, including material science, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Redefine Meat's products are crafted from non-GMO plant-based ingredients, free from cholesterol and animal by-products.

It's great news that Switzerland's culinary landscape is about to be literally redefined by plant-based perfection, with Butch Bunny leading the way.

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