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8-Plant-Based Italian Dishes From Redefine

Ed note: We have to say when we first saw these dishes we were very excited by their beauty and creativity. We are a big supporter of the innovation and incredible effort Redefine is putting in to establishing not only their brand but also awareness around their 3D printed plant-based proteins products. It is nothing short of incredible. Management and staff are so passionate about making changes to the current animal meat paradigm that we are here to applaud them and support their ongoing endeavours.

These Italian inspirations coincide with the release of three new 'pulled new-meat' products - Pulled Lamb, Beef & Pork.

Check them out before diving deeper into their Romanesc lineup.

Before we dive head long into the lineup lets ask a few questions.

'What is the most popular meat dish in Italy?

There’s not one singular most popular meat dish in Italy given the subjectivity, but some of the top most popular Italian meat dishes include bolognese, polpette, pasta with salsiccia, and lasagne.

What meat is common in Italy?

Beef and pork are common in Italy, often paired together to form the base of meatballs, ragu, and sausages.

What Italian dishes use ground beef?

Bolognese ragu uses ground beef, as do polpette and other meatball varieties, and lasagne to name just a few'.

Here is what Redefine Meat has to share:

'Italy has it all. The glorious sun, winter snow, lakeside villages, coastal towns, centuries-old traditions, art, opera, fashion, and perhaps most famously of them all…food. Italian food is adored and recreated around the world. There are few locations that don’t serve their take on pizza and pasta. Italian food is far more diverse than just pizza and pasta, though, with each region offering us a whole new culinary experience'.

1. Bella Ciao (Bolognese)

Often touted as the food capital of Italy, Bologna is a trendy, terracotta-tinged university town in Northern Italy that’s famous for its Tortelloni, Tortellini, and Tagliatelle al Ragu (to name just a few of its most loved dishes). What’s known as Tagliatelle al Ragu in Bologna has come to be known as Bolognese around the world, paying homage to its home town.

Bolognese is without a doubt one of the most popular Italian meat dishes for its comforting, nostalgic qualities. A hearty bowl of pasta and savory ground beef does wonders for warming up a dreary Winter’s day.

Despite the ragu being most popularly served with spaghetti outside of Italy – we’ve all heard of spaghetti bolognese – our recipe respects its authentic roots by pairing the delicious ragu with tagliatelle, as is traditional. There’s more pasta surface area for the silky ragu to adhere to with each bite, you won’t look back.

Redefine Image

2. Winter Storm (Meatballs with Sofrito Sauce)

Sofrito is popular across Mediterranean cuisines in different variations. A sofrito done the Italian way involves sautéing finely diced celery, carrot, and white onion in olive oil to form the base of a multitude of delectable sauces. It’s aromatic, indulgent, and the ideal base for classic Italian meatballs.

Redefine Image

3. Earth Poem (Vegetables Stuffed with new-meat)

Turn yourself into an Italian Nona by trying your hand at Italian stuffed vegetables, Ligurian style. This is both a delicious and indulgent healthy meal option, which explains its global popularity. It’s comforting, health-oriented, and can take advantage of seasonality if you mix up the vegetables you choose to stuff.

Redefine Image

4. Arrosticini (Skewered Lamb)

In Abruzzese cuisine, skewering chunks of lamb gives you Arrositicini. They’re a delicious derivative of traditional shepherd’s food from the mountainous Italian region of Abruzzo. They are typically served with fresh bread doused in extra-virgin olive oil and local Abruzzese wine. The best way to enjoy Arrosticini is to not hold back – get stuck in and use your teeth to pull each tender piece of lamb off the skewer".

Redefine Image

So those four images are just to tease you into CLICKING HERE to see the balance of this inspiring offering from Redefine Meat.

As we have said this selection is nothing short of stunning showing the innovative ways you can use the range of Redefine Meat products. More great information on their website.

Bon appetite!!


All images and most of the words from Redefine Meat.


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