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Chef Roberto Rapisardi Redefines Gastronomy with Innovative New Meat Menu

Irelands, Hellfire Restaurant has delivered a gastronomic New Meat masterpiece with the launch of Chef Roberto Rapisardi's extraordinary new plant-based menu featuring Redefine Meats cuts range.

Chef Roberto Rapisardi

Source: Redmond Fine Foods - Chef Roberto Rapisardi

With three mains, top billing went to a tantalising Smoked Salsiccia, accompanied by a delightful fusion of mustard, maple, and mint sauce leaving guests in awe of its taste and texture.

Smoked Salsiccia using New Meat

Source: Redmond Fine Foods-Smoked Salsiccia

Chef Rapisardi's creativity was further showcased in the traditional GF Paccheri pasta, which featured a savoury New Meat Lamb Ragù. The combination of authentic flavours demonstrated the limitless possibilities of New-Meat*.

New Meat  Lamb Ragù

Source: Redmond Fine Foods - GF Paccheri pasta

Perhaps the pièce de résistance though was the sous vide Redefine Flank, exquisitely paired with homemade chimichurri and grilled vegetables. The chef's HBE oven played a pivotal role in achieving perfection, retaining the succulence and flavours of the New-Meat* cut.

New Meat Redefine Flank

Source:Redmond Fine Foods -Redefine Flank

Each dish was accompanied by paired wines.

Chef Rapisardi's passion shon through the culinary artistry with the S-Factor - sustainability resonating with diners, every plate returned empty.

Redefine Meat's proprietory bioprinting process harnesses various sources of plant-based proteins, creating a complete protein profile replicating taste and texture of traditional meat.

The integration of New-Meat* into Chef Roberto Rapisardi's menu exemplifies the paradigm shift occurring in the culinary world. Getting Chef 'buy in' is seen as a critical element supporting consumer uptake.

The success of the launch event at Hellfire marks a turning point in the Irish culinary landscape led by wholesaler, Redmond Fine Foods redefining gastronomy and embracing a new era of sustainable, plant-based meat cuts.

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