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PFN - With more than 300,000 trade visitors from over 200 countries expected over the five days of this international food exhibition, SIAL Paris 2022 is the perfect strategic venue for Redefine Meats to showcase its brand and product range.

Redefine's presence at SIAL Paris 22 is immense. Calculated and impactful. Their striking RED and BLACk theme made this 'over sized' presentation booth packed with products and live demonstrations a popular destination for visitors, including 4000 journalists from 45 countries.

SIAL comes hard on the heals of its pre-show announcement ; "Israel's Redefine Meat has struck a partnership with importer Giraudi Meats to drive European distribution of its "New Meat" steak cuts produced on 3D printers"

Redefine's newest products premiering at SIAL is a calculated strategic positioning exercise to put itself clearly in the minds of the global food industry.

Redefine debuted just 12-months ago and the company is already achieving notable successes in the culinary world attracting Michelin Chefs to its products, notably Chef Marco Pierre White

Europe is a tough market to crack with high-end chefs and butchers demanding exceedingly high quality products - RDFM's products are all plant based creating using revolutionary bio-protein 3-D printing techniques.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine Meat, says ;

“The embrace the culinary world has given to our New-Meat in such a short period demonstrates that we are creating a category of our own. Combining our unique technological capabilities with the advantage of working intimately and cooperatively with the high-end culinary sector, at SIAL we will unveil our most complex and broad portfolio of New-Meat products to date, which have been created with chefs, for chefs. The new collaborations announced at the show will bolster our first-class distribution and reach, and looking to 2023, we will accelerate our rapid expansion in Europe and continue our aggressive growth strategy to become the world’s biggest meat company.”

In the busy world of plant-based meat alternatives, Redefine Meat is a standout performer with an undoubtedly strong business and marketing plan.

Watch this space for more !!


Thanks to Cam Mathias who is visiting SIAL Paris 22


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