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POKA Ushers in a New Era of Wellness Beverage with Organic Wellness Teas & Coconut Products

The POKA brand, has launched its new range of products in Sri Lanka, marking a significant milestone in the country’s wellness beverage industry.

This innovative lineup, which includes organic wellness teas & coconut products, is designed to cater to the health-conscious consumer, emphasising the brand's ethos of 'celebrating life and harnessing the goodness of nature'.

Source: Poka

The introduction of POKA's wellness teas represents a major leap forward in the health and wellness segment. The teas are organic, caffeine-free, and meticulously crafted to offer a range of health benefits. This aligns with the growing demand for products supporting a healthy lifestyle.

The collection features a variety of blends made with ethically sourced, premium quality organic ingredients, renowned for their healing properties. 'Each cup of POKA tea is a tribute to nature’s flavorsome bounty, intended to nurture the body, mind, and soul', say its producers.

POKA’s venture into coconut products further diversifies its portfolio. The range includes both original and naturally flavoured options, providing a refreshing and healthier alternative for hydration needs. Their King coconut products are an innovative twist on traditional beverages, offering a wholesome choice for consumers.

POKA Organic KIng Coconut Water

Source: Poka

The range also includes a selection of organic citrus based cocktail garnishes.

This launch is particularly timely, given the recent downturn in traditional tea exports from Sri Lanka. POKA’s focus on the health-conscious market and those seeking more from their beverages presents a promising opportunity to invigorate the industry.

POKA products are now available in Sri Lanka and are also reaching out international markets, including Australia and New Zealand. This expansion reflects POKA's commitment to promoting wellness globally.

POKA’s new range is not just about beverages says a recent release; 'it's about a lifestyle choice'. It represents a shift towards embracing a healthier, more fulfilled way of living, resonating with modern consumers’ inclination towards natural and health-boosting products.

For more information in Australia CLICK HERE

For more information in New Zealand CLICK HERE



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