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Israeli Company Teams Up with NZ Innovator to Introduce Plant-Based Fungicide in Peru

An Israeli agricultural company focused on crop protection has gained approval to introduce its fungi-preventing product to the Peruvian market.

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions, headquartered in Tel Aviv, employs plant extracts to formulate a plant-based fungicide that safeguards crops like grapes, berries, and select vegetables while enhancing their quality.

Peru, known for its substantial agricultural exports totaling around $9.2 billion in 2021, primarily composed of blueberries, grapes, and mangoes, represents a significant market for this innovative product.


Walter Costa, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at ADAMA, emphasises the global demand for sustainable agricultural practices while maintaining high-quality yields.

'Farmers around the world are searching for an effective bio-fungicide allowing them to incorporate sustainable agricultural practices, and still produce high quality fruits and berries', says Walter Costa.

Peruvian blueberries


The collaboration between ADAMA and New Zealand’s Waikaitu has led to the development of the ACTAVAN fungicide, a novel and powerful bio-fungicide that fulfills the high-performance standards sought by fruit and vegetable producers.

Alex Pressman, CEO and founder of Waikaitu, highlighted the importance of sustainable farming in nourishing the world’s population and benefiting both the planet and businesses.

'Sustainable farming is the future for feeding the world’s population in a way that is better for the planet and better for business. ACTAVAN leads the way by protecting plants from harmful fungal diseases and improving fruit quality, while still meeting organic and sustainable farming requirements', says Alex Pressman.

Peruvian edible grape vineyard


ADAMA’s diverse portfolio includes over 50 biological solutions, ranging from a pesticide based on garlic extract to a microbiological pesticide designed to combat parasitic worms..

The company plans to expand registration of its ACTAVAN fungicide to other Latin American nations, as well as regions like Asia-Pacific and Europe, further solidify its commitment to advancing sustainable global agricultural practices and enhancing crop quality.

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