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Australian Wellness Brand +hemp Expands to South Korea with Its Hemp-Infused Energy Drink

Australian wellness company, +hemp (Plus Hemp), the group behind a range of innovative hemp-infused beverages, is set to revolutionise the South Korean market with its natural energy drink. Boasting a refreshing new flavour, +hemp enters South Korea as a trend setter in incorporating hemp as a food ingredient in a beverage, following Australia's legalisation in 2017.

Unlike its controversial cousin, THC-laden marijuana, hemp used by +hemp contains no psychoactive elements, making it a safe and health-conscious choice.

+hemp energy drink

Source: Hemp+

The brainchild of Natalie Beaini, who discovered hemp's miraculous properties while using it to treat her psoriasis, +hemp has swiftly gained popularity for its natural and nutritional benefits.

+hemp's Australian-made elixir is a blend of vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 essential acids from locally grown hemp. The infusion of botanical caffeine sourced from green tea extract adds an energising kick, setting it apart from conventional energy drinks.

'As an eco-friendly and vegan brand, +hemp's rise in Australia has been remarkable, and now we are ready to enter international markets', says Natalie Beaini

'We have a strategic expansion plan, firstly into South Korea, with further expansions into Japan, New Zealand, and India in the pipeline'.

Introducing their latest flavour, +hemp Energy Dragonfruit, the brand is gearing up to make a splash in the competitive global energy drink arena.

Source: Hemp+

Embracing health-conscious consumers, +hemp offers a wholesome alternative to sugar-laden energy drinks, presenting authentic fruit flavours coupled with the benefits of green tea caffeine. Free of sugar and gluten, +hemp's vegan and organic formulation has earned it a devoted following in Australia.

With numerous Australian brands making waves internationally, +hemp (Plus Hemp) is poised to become the next sensation on the global stage. As health and wellness continue to gain traction worldwide, +hemp's expansion signifies a paradigm shift in the energy drink industry.

Stand-by, South Korea, +hemp is about to take you on a deliciously revitalising journey!


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