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TGA-Certified Wellness Wave Emerging From Ancient Lakes In West Australia's Outback

In a breakthrough for health and wellness, Ancient Lakes, a West Australian wild salt company, has achieved a significant milestone. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has certified its liquid magnesium product, giving credence to a natural wonder from the remote landscapes of Western Australia.

Ancient Lakes Magnesium - Lake Deborah at sunset

Source: Ancient Lakes Magnesium

Nestled 500 kilometers east of Perth, in an ancient inland lake, lies the source of what many consider the world's purest salt products. This natural sanctuary, known as Lake Deborah, has been the bedrock of Ancient Lakes' exceptional product line. The lake's unique composition is a result of millions of years of mineral deposits, carried inland by winds and water cycles, creating a rare source of ancient sea minerals, untainted by modern pollution.

Ancient Lakes Magnesium - Lake Deborah

Source: Ancient Lakes Magnesium - Lake Deborah

The Lister family, custodians of Lake Deborah for over 70 years, have meticulously harvested these minerals across three generations. Their commitment to sustainable practices has earned Lake Deborah the status of a Salt Harvest Sanctuary, a testament to the family’s dedication to preserving the lake’s fragile ecosystem.

Ancient Lakes - Lister family.

Source: Ancient Lakes - Frank Lister (left) Son-In-Law Scot Nichols, frank's Daughter Emily Nichols

Ancient Lakes distinguishes itself through its harvesting method. Unlike conventional methods, their minerals are naturally produced by the lake's seasonal cycles. Winter rains dissolve minerals to form a briny solution, which is then concentrated by natural evaporation in the summer, leaving behind a mineral-rich salt crust. This environmentally sensitive approach not only ensures the purity of the product but also boasts an exceptionally low carbon footprint.

Lake Deborah magnesium rich salt

Source: Ancient Lakes

Unlike much of the salt derived from the sea, Ancient Lakes salt products contain NO micro-plastics, pollutants, preservatives or residual pesticides. Natural Liquid Magnesium contains 98 000ppm of magnesium. One ml of Ancient Lakes Natural Liquid Magnesium (approximately 15 drops) provides 30 per cent of your recommended daily intake of magnesium.

Already a familiar name in Australian retail and exported to Singapore and Japan, where its liquid magnesium is used in traditional tofu making, Ancient Lakes is poised to expand globally in 2024.

'With a focus on the health-conscious consumer, we aim to leverage magnesium's well-known benefits for calming the nervous system and promoting balanced metabolism', says Scot Nicholls, CEO of Ancient Lakes.

Ancient Lakes Liquid Magnesium

Source: Ancient Lakes Liquid Magnesium

The low sodium chloride content in their products, especially high in magnesium chloride, raises an intriguing question; could this mark the beginning of a new trend in food manufacturing, replacing traditional sodium chloride with high magnesium salt? This shift could redefine health and taste standards in the food industry.

Editor notes, Ancient Lakes' salt products are not only the best I have tasted but you can feel the unique blend of ancient purity and how it can fit modern health consciousness. This TGA certification is more than just a regulatory achievement; it's a new gateway to global wellness, derived from this ancient lake in Western Australia.

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