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Impossible Foods Plant-Based Burgers Growing NZ Coverage One Belly At A Time

Impossible Foods, US-based producer of plant-based burgers, has set its sights on growing its coverage in New Zealand, marking a significant milestone in the company's plant-based burgers and meat products expansion in the country.

Impossible Burger

Source: Impossible Foods

Once just available to Air New Zealand premium customers the company has gone on to make a significant splash at the 2023 Auckland Food Show, where they caught the attention of attendees and potential partners.

To ensure a successful entry into the New Zealand market, Impossible Foods collaborated with two protein partners, Integrity Food Distributors Limited and Beak & Johnston Pty Ltd. The partnership proving fruitful, as the Auckland Food Show witnessed a stellar show experience at their first standalone marquee, hosted by Tate and Multiplied.

"Launching Impossible Foods into New Zealand wouldn't have worked so well if we didn't have great protein partners who know their meat," says NZ Country Manager, Alex Worker. "It was a treat to catch Jono & Ant from Integrity Food Distributors and Mary Boulton from Beak & Johnston with teams at the event."

Source: Impossible Foods

The company's growth across retail & foodservice segments has played a pivotal role in their decision to hire an experienced Sales Manager for New Zealand. The objective is to bring to life more delicious meat-alternative experiences in a country firmly embedded in the animal beef industry at the same time making a positive planetary impact.

'Throughout our journey into the New Zealand market, Impossible Foods has received immense support from Cook & Nelson and Delicious Business teams. Their efforts ranged from sampling in New World supermarkets to hosting engaging culinary events, such as making fresh pasta ragú at The Village and serving burgers at the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™', says Alex Worker.

Impossible burger at soccer FIFA soccer match

Source: Impossible Foods

One of the exciting prospects of their expansion in New Zealand includes a partnership with Dad's Pies and Service Foods to perfect the art of plant-based pie offerings. Impossible ingredients have become a popular choice amongst vegans throughout the NZ BP petrol station network, as well.

"New Zealanders have shown incredible enthusiasm for our plant-based burgers, pie and sausage roll ingredients. We're grateful for the warm reception we've received and can't wait to touch more New Zealander's pallets."

Impossible Foods' presence in New Zealand marks a turning point for the nation's culinary landscape, inviting consumers to taste the future with their ethical and tasty plant-based burgers.

Impossible's commitment to sustainability and planetary impact aligns with the growing global demand for sustainable food choices.

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