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Plant-Based 'Waygu Beef' Now Available To Millions In North America

Radical 'disruptive' plant-based mimicry is gathering momentum with the potential to reach millions in the US and Canadian food service industry.

Waygu Plant-Based Beef is the first product from Canadian-based, Wamame, combining traditional Japanese quality and serious kitchen innovation.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the company's mission.

'Our core values are aiding in achieving healthy lifestyles and caring for fragile ecosystems. By creating good food and food that does good, it will make small-scale differences for people and large-scale differences for the Earth', says Blair Bullus, President, of Top Tier Foods, Wamame's parent company.


Through extensive research and development, Wamame has achieved a product delivering both flavour and health benefits, at the same time discarding negative environmental impacts linked with animal agriculture.

"The versatility, flavour and quality and simplicity of ingredients is key for Waygu and you can now find it in 5-star white tablecloth restaurants and major chains", adds Blair Bullus.


Now literally millions of North American foodservice operators and chefs can access the sliced Waygu product online at webstaurantstore

Almost indistinguishable from its 'animal-based' cousin, Wamame's product has the toughest critics convinced of its quality and its menu appeal.

“My first impression was that this was real wagyu beef. It was incredibly tender, similar to wagyu beef, and seasoned extremely well. I am very impressed. It’s so close, it’s very difficult to tell the difference", says Chef Hidekazu Tojo, Tojo’s restaurant owner and a Chef who knows quality. (pictured)

Traditional Japanese culinary methods are at the forefront of the production process, which carries over into the sensational flavours and delicate textures of their food!

Authentic wagyu beef is among the most sought-after and luxurious meats in the world. What makes it so special is its fat marbling, creating a luxurious, buttery tenderness unlike any steak from cattle

raised anywhere else.


From the outset, Wamame’s goal was to create the world’s finest plant-based version of wagyu beef. In choosing to replicate the world’s best beef, Wamame made a conscious decision not to compare itself with other plant-based meat alternatives, but to compare itself to other animal meat products. The outcome; an unprecedented meat-like texture, mouth feel, and umami.


Blair Bullus adds the brand has faced no issues at all with pushback from anyone. Most people are just surprised that they have got Waygu as close to the real thing as they have.


One of Singapore's largest restaurant groups, The Eleman Group, has Wamame's plant-based Waygu on its menu along with several other of the company's plant-based products, until April 30th - part of a promotion to introduce Singaporeans and visitors to the variety of Asian styled food Wamame offer along side its Waygu.

Check out both Thick and Thin Strips of plant-based Waygu when next in Singapore or buy online now!!

Editors note: Wamama's website is quite stunning. The food visuals are amazing. We look forward to sampling their product.


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