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Plant-Based Products Triumph at UK's New Product & Packaging Awards

The landscape of the UK's food industry is shifting, with vegan and plant-based products emerging as the stars at the 'The Grocer Mags' New Product & Packaging Awards. These innovative products have swept up an array of accolades, signaling a significant consumer shift towards sustainable and ethical eating choices.

The Cakes & Biscuits category delivered a delightful surprise as Just Love's Vanilla Celebration Vegan Cake clinched the CHAMPION title, outperforming several traditional dairy desserts.

 Just Love's Vanilla Celebration Vegan Cake

Source: JustLove

It wasn't just cakes where plant-based alternatives shone; Alter Eco's 70% Dark Chocolate secured a GOLD in the Chocolate awards, with NOMO's vegan Cookie Dough bar taking home a SILVER.

In the savory snacks aisle, Simply Roasted's Duck and Hoisin crisps won over taste buds and judges alike, earning a SILVER, proving that healthier options need not compromise on flavour.

Simply Roasted's Duck and Hoisin crisps

Source: Simple Roasted

Meanwhile, the Plant-Based Cheese section saw Nurishh's greek-style cubes win the top spot, while Cathedral City's offerings were honored with a SILVER, showcasing that vegan cheese is rapidly closing the gap on its dairy counterpart.

Nurishh's greek-style cubes

Source: Nurishh

The beverage sector also celebrated innovation with Biotiful's Oat Kefir Cherry Drink being awarded the CHAMPION for its gut-friendly properties. Similarly, The Collective UK's dairy-free Peach & Apricot Suckies Drinks triumphed in the Yogurts category, reinforcing the dairy-free trend.

Ginsters grabbed the limelight in the Plant-Based Food-to-go category with their Creamy Garlic Mushroom Slices, and CRAVE conquered the Plant-Based Sweets division with their 'Big Dipper' and Vegan Choc Spread, both securing top honors.

Source: Various Product Sites - Biotiful - theCollective Dairy Free -Ginsters

Sheese's melting Jalapeno & Chilli Bake took the top spot in the Plant-Based Savoury category, while the No-Egg Quiche Lorraine by Crackd gathered applause with a SILVER.

Sheese's melting Jalapeno & Chilli Bake

Source: Sheese

The meat category was no less competitive, with Juicy Marbles' Thick-Cut Filet winning CHAMPION and THIS™ & Squeaky Bean earning GOLDs for their meat alternatives.

Juicy Marbles Thick cut filet

Source:Juicy Marbles Plant-Based Filet

This year's awards highlight a clear message: the future of food is plant-based, and the UK's palate is ready for this delicious and sustainably backed revolution.

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