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Four Products We Bet You Didn’t Know Are Also Vegan

The Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 coming up at the Excel in London is delivering an array of new products challenging preconceptions about vegan cuisine. Four new products do just this - challenge!

Firstly Aberyne is debuting a plant-based version of Foie Gras, traditionally associated with force-fed ducks, providing an ethical alternative with rich flavours guaranteed to trick the mind that this is the old world version.

Foi Green - vegan foi gras

Source: Plant Based World Expo - foi green

There's Dreamfarm with a fresh plant-based mozzarella suitable for slicing into caprese salads, expanding options for vegan-friendly cheese.

Dreamfarm plant-based mozzarella

Source: Plant Based World Expo - Dreamfarm

Followed by Purezza specialising in a creamy stracciatella cheese that authentically captures Italian flavors, perfect for pizza and more.

Purezza creamy stracciatella cheese

Source: Plant Based World Expo - Purezza

And HAPPIEE introduces calamari rings without seafood, ideal for enhancing your tapas board with a vegan twist. Tastes and feels just like it's fishy cousin but as they say 'same same but different'.

Source: Plant Based World Expo - HAPPIE

The Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 15/16th November, is a chance to explore these and other fascinating innovations in plant-based cuisine.

This years event promises to broaden your culinary horizons and challenge traditional culinary boundaries, highlighting the growing diversity of Earth, animal and ocean vegan friendly options.



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