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Mintel Unveils Crucial Food and Drink Industry Trends for 2024

Market research firm Mintel, has revealed three pivotal food and drink industry trends set to influence these sectors in the upcoming year.

Healthy future burger

Source: PlanetFood Solutions Development Lab - Healthy Ingredients

The trends highlight a shift towards assisting consumers in leading longer, healthier lives, finding a balance between health and indulgence, and harnessing new conveniences offered by technological advancements.

Mintel Food and Drink Trends Tablet

Source: Mintel

Trust the Process Transparency in communication will play a vital role in aiding consumers to make well-informed choices regarding processed and ultra-processed foods and beverages in their diets.

As scrutiny around food processing intensifies, consumers are expected to scrutinize ingredients, nutrition, and production methods more closely. This scrutiny will pave the way for an increased demand for minimally processed products, emphasising the positive aspects of food-processing techniques.

Brands will need to share how processing benefits their products, such as enhancing nutrition, prolonging shelf life, or minimizing environmental impact.

Source: Kinda & PFS Development Labs

Age Reframed The perception of healthy aging will undergo a transformation, challenging existing stigmas and focusing on extending the healthy years of consumers’ lives.

Brands will need to innovate products and solutions catering to the physical, mental, and emotional health needs of consumers aged 40 and above, who represent a significant share of food and drink expenditure globally.

Eating, Optimised The post-pandemic world will see a new era of convenience, as technology plays an increasingly crucial role in streamlining meal planning, shopping, and cooking.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) will become indispensable tools in the kitchen, offering time-saving solutions and personalized assistance for consumers.

Retailers will also embrace these technologies, providing real-time shopping assistance and localized data to offer customized vending options catering to community needs.

Jenny Zegler, Director at Mintel Food & Drink, emphasises the importance of brands playing a supportive role in helping consumers find balance in their lives, prepare for a healthier future, and embrace the conveniences offered by technological innovations.

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