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Opo Bio Cultivated Meat Innovation 2023 KiwiNet Award Finalists

Two exceptional researchers have earned their place as finalists in this year’s KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards, marking a significant milestone in New Zealand’s innovative cultilandscape.

Drs. Olivia Ogilvie and Laura Domigan, co-founders of Opo Bio, the New Zealand's cultivated meat company, have been recognised for their remarkable progress in the cellular meat sector.

Dr. Olivia Ogilvie, a trailblazer in the field of cultivated meat, is a finalist for the Sprout Breakthrough Innovator Award.

Dr Olivia Ogilvie OpoBio

Source: Auckland University - Dr. Olivia Ogilvie

As the co-founder and CEO of Opo Bio, New Zealand’s first cultivated meat company, Dr. Ogilvie has taken the lead in producing meat by culturing animal cells in vitro. Her groundbreaking work extends beyond national borders, supplying New Zealand created cells to the growing global cultivated meat industry.

Her invaluable contributions encompass the development and commercialization of a cutting-edge cell line technology platform, facilitating large-scale cell culture production.

Dr. Laura Domigan, Chief Scientific Officer of Opo Bio, has secured her position as a finalist for the BNZ Researcher Entrepreneur Award. Simultaneously, she serves as a Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland.

Dr. Laura Domigan Opo Bio

Source: Auckland University - Dr. Laura Domigan

Dr. Domigan’s expertise as a protein biochemist and tissue engineer has placed her at the forefront of the cultivated meat revolution.

Her leadership role in Opo Bio and her dedication to navigating the intricate world of commercialization underscore her influence as a global cultivated meat leader. Her groundbreaking work addresses pressing global challenges, including greenhouse gas emissions, ethical food choices, animal welfare, and food security. Cultivated meat is poised to transform the global meat industry, with her contributions leading the way.

Cultivated Meat Cells

Source: Adobe - Cultivated Meat Cells

The awards, which will be announced at a ceremony on September 28th in Auckland, recognising the exceptional impact of these innovators.

KiwiNet, comprising 19 of New Zealand’s top universities, Crown Research Institutes, and research organisations, plays a pivotal role in transforming early-stage discoveries into products and services that bring about social, environmental, cultural, and economic benefits for the nation.

With an investment of $60.7 million in seed funding and support for 82 startup companies, KiwiNet’s impact is estimated at over $558 million in known revenue since 2003.

Without doubt the finalists represent the vanguard of New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem, shaping a monumentally brighter future for New Zealand's beleguared agriculture sector.

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