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NZ Plant Based Pastrami - KAPOW!!

Auckland's, Omahu Rd Deli is seeing the demand for plant based deli cuts grow hand in hand with expanding planetary awareness.

Customer Demand Driving Development & Production

“We've had 'meat eating' customers do a blind tasting believing they were eating 'old world protein - talk about surprised!! ”

Whilst there is a lot of innovation and product development well underway in NZ, one small Auckland based delicatessen aptly called the Omahu Rd Deli, is quietly powering ahead with its pastrami and pepperoni production. Proprietor and Chief 'cook and floor sweeper' is retired educational worker, Stephanie Bretherton.

With nothing more than a strong passion and the wisdom of years, Stephanie set out just 18 months ago to 'change the planet' in her own small way.

"It’s still very early days for us but we plan to continue working on growing our business over the next few years and see where it takes us.

At the farmers’ market (The Shed Collective Farmers’ Market) we have a steady new customer base as well as a growing number of regular repeat customers. We have seen an increase in demand through our stockists here in Auckland with regular orders coming through".

Pastrami to live for!! 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step'.

Stephanie. Your products are so 'animal meat like' ?

"Our initial idea was to make a product that would appeal to those who DO eat meat and so provide an alternative source of protein that tasted delicious and saved the lives of animals. When you eat our products you are not tasting ‘meat’, you are tasting the herbs, spices and other ingredients which give them their depth of flavour. Our products provide a source of protein, free of animal products, which is versatile and can be used in a range of meals limited only by your imagination", says Stephanie.

Based on our research Omahu Rd Deli's are up there with the other deli products currently emerging in the plant-based sector. Only time will tell if the 'vegan -alt.protein' demographic fully supports this NZ based micro-operation.

Available Online HERE! and ...

(buy in store or online)

137 Kitchener Road Milford, Auckland 0620 09 941 4595

284 Dominion Road Mount Eden, Auckland 1024 09 973 4133


(buy in store or online)

18 Maidstone Street Grey Lynn Auckland 1021 09 218 8682

As small as Omahu Rd Deli might be it lives each day with a heart full of promise right down to its packaging.

"Is your packaging sustainable

"Yes, the cardboard sleeve can go in with your recycling and the plastic rapper should be washed and added to your soft-plastics recycling. In the future we hope to use a compostable plastic wrapper but for now we rely on your own recycling conscience"




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