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NZ Plant-Based Meat & Cheese Company Looking For VC, Shark or Whale Funding

Christchurch, NZ based purveyor of delicatessen plant-based small goods Grater Goods wants to grow!!

With eyes firmly set on the Australian and Asia market, Grater Goods is well positioned to respond to the growing plant-based meats and non-dairy cheese market in the region..but it needs capital to expand. So it's literally taken its needs to the market comprising public investors along with garnering interest from VC's, sharks and even whales.

'With a laser focus on creating food that is as delicious as it is impactful, Grater Goods have carefully cultivated a high quality reputation for their brand of “Ethical Hedonism”. This has resulted in regular coverage and awards in print and broadcast media. Our BBQ Beet Bangers are a New Zealand Vegan Society Best Vegan Sausage winner and Plant Pastrami was a finalist in the Cuisine Magazine Artisan Awards'.

GraterGoods Image

The 'passion-driven' operation which has pushed its annual turnover to more than a million dollars wants to expand not only its New Zealand market share but also tap into the much larger Australian market starting in 'DeliCity', Melbourne.

'In Australia and New Zealand, nearly 50% of consumers regularly seek out foods and drinks labelled “plant-based”. Additionally, 25% of adults say they are eating more plant protein than they did in 2020, nearly 30% of adults eat meat alternatives at least once a month or more often, 40% of those aged 18–44 do so, and 33% of restaurant diners aged 18–34 are increasingly seeking out vegetarian/vegan options as a first choice on menus. With a focus on plant-based delicatessen items, Grater Goods are charting their own course in a growing broader category'.

Source: GraterGoods Tofurky Sandwich

Grater Goods Founder, former musician, Flip Grater and her French Moroccan hospitality husband Youssef Iskrane, are getting serious about their desire to help Plant Earth anyway they can through the manufacturing of meat and cheese alternatives.

Grater's offer statement through the crowd funding site, Equitise paints a solid and maturing picture of a 'thriving concern' certainly going places.

'Grater Goods’ factory in Woolston, Christchurch manufactures all the products sold locally at their deli-café. Other distribution channels include online D2C via the Grater Goods website, bulk distribution to hospitality venues, wholesale through retail outlets and food service providers, and grocery. Grater Goods’ Melbourne playbook revolves around replicating the success enjoyed in New Zealand growing the business through these channels'.

Grater Goods produces and sells its range of plant-based deli products backed by the maxim : Ethical Hedonism. Without doubt they produce and sell an inspiring range of plant-based meat and cheese alternatives deserving of a greater audience.

For more information:

Phone: +64027 289 9295

Wholesale and stockist enquiries: Marketing:



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