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Now They Are Transforming Jellyfish into Oyster-Like Protein

Israeli startup Qortein is turning jellyfish, a commonly overlooked marine species, into a valuable protein source. With global food security concerns mounting, this venture aims to utilise jellyfish to alleviate pressure on over fished marine stocks at the same time promoting a sustainable blue economy.

Jellyfish, often seen as a nuisance, are being transformed by Qortein into a nutrient-rich protein through advanced biomass extraction technology. Founder and CEO Gal Admati says jellyfish are a renewable resource, proliferating rapidly and guaranteeing an almost consistent supply without the risk of depletion typical of traditional fisheries. "This makes them a promising candidate for sustainable protein production," says Gal Admati.

Photo Floating Jellyfish © Neis 

Source: Photo Floating Jellyfish © Neis 

Qortein's patented technology, developed with insights from Tel Aviv University's Prof. Shachar Richter, focuses on extracting high-value proteins and other beneficial compounds from jellyfish biomass. This process not only creates food products but also has applications in the nutraceutical and nutricosmetics industries. The outcome as a food product is oyster-like.

PFN Ai depiction of jellyfish oysters presented in shells.

Source: PFN Ai depiction of jellyfish oysters presented in shells.

Jellyfish protein is noted for its low calorie but high protein content, making it a healthy addition to diets. It is also rich in collagen, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties beneficial for human health. This innovative approach not only diversifies food sources but also aids in managing jellyfish populations, which can disrupt local ecosystems and industries.

Qortein's initiative represents a further significant step in addressing global food challenges, promoting eco-friendly and scalable solutions to feed Earth's population sustainably.

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