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Its Full Green Ahead For The World's Largest Vertical Farm & Smallest

In a statement going beyond a model for sustainable food production, Dubai is the location for the world's largest vertical hydroponic farm.

Called Bustanica, this technological marvel, spanning 30.6 thousand square meters and christened Emirates Crop One (ECO 1), is churning out over a million kilograms of leafy greens annually, all while slashing traditional water usage by 95%.

Bustanica location Dubai

Source: Bustanica

A partnership between Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) and Crop One, its not only bolstering the UAE's food security, but also aligning with the nation’s visionary roadmap for sustainable agriculture. The vertical farm's impressive output of 3,000 kilograms daily, ends up on the trays of Emirates airline passengers, and the shelves of local stores under the Bustanica brand.

Bustanica interior Dubai

Source: Bustanica

Dubai's progressive approach to ecological initiatives doesn’t end here. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort has also embraced the green revolution with the launch of their own Organic Hydroponic Farm.

This compact yet potent 40.5 square meter plot employs cutting-edge smart farming to produce 11 kilograms of fresh greens daily, without a grain of soil in sight. The resort's chefs now have access to varieties of organic lettuce, herbs, and microgreens, enhancing the customer centric farm-to-table dining experience totally free of pesticide nasties.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort Hydroponic farm

Source: Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Cluster General Manager for Anantara, James Hewitson, expressed pride in the resort's step forward in their eco-journey. The mini vertical farm not only provides guests with fresh, organic produce but also marks a significant reduction in environmental impact, evidenced by a recent 62% decrease in the resort's waste sent to landfill.

Both these large and small ventures reflect a broader commitment to ecological stewardship, with ECO 1’s proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport underscoring the integration of sustainability into the UAE’s infrastructure.

The initiatives, both large and small, exemplify the UAE’s forward-thinking approach to combining luxury and sustainability, ensuring a greener tomorrow.

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