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Isifarmer's Vertical Veggie Revolution Snack-Time Takes a Fresh Turn!

In the heart of Tetouan, Spain, a novel agricultural venture is taking root – Isifarmer, a vertical veggie farming operation is about to shake up the snack vegetable market.

Vertical farmed strawberries

Source: Isifarmer

Operating out of a converted gymnasium, Isifarmer's founders, Ángel Leo-Revilla and Marcos Enríquez, are on a mission to show urban farming doesn't have to rely on sprawling mega-facilities. Their vision benefits both the community and the local economy.

Isifarmer's initial focus has been on cultivating a diverse range of microgreens, boasting varieties like basil, arugula (rocket) , Chinese radishes, and various mustards.

The rapid growth of these microgreens, ready for consumption within just 10-12 days, has allowed the team to swiftly refine their farming techniques.

Yet, the exciting twist in this veggie tale lies in Isifarmer's plans for the future. Ángel Leo-Revilla hints at a tantalizing next phase, promising an array of snack-type vegetables that will soon be growing in their vertical farm.

Picture succulent cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, earthy mushrooms, and sweet strawberries, all cultivated with precision. And the story doesn't end there; Isifarmer envisions expanding into leafy greens like lettuce, endive, and spinach.

Source: Isifarmer

Isifarmer is laser-focused on producing premium, high-quality products destined for discerning consumers including the GenZ group who like to eat healthy food on the run.

Isifarmer's is on the brink of reshaping the Spanish snack vegetable market, one vertical farm at a time.

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