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Malaysian Vertical Farm Goes Beyond Greens With Vanilla Punt

The Penang Vanilla Village Experiential Farm is a real eye-opener into sustainable vertical and hydroponic farming practices and not a lettuce to be seen.

Source: Kairos Agriculture

Kairos Agriculture, an emerging agricultural group in Malaysia, is behind this initiative. The farm, situated on 6 acres of prime land in Permatang Pauh Agro-Park & Integrated Eco-Farm (PPAP) in Seberang Perai, Penang, is less than 10 minutes away from the Penang Bridge for those locals wanting the experience.

Kairos Agriculture Malaysian facility

Source: Kairos Agriculture

Focusing on cultivating vanilla, the world’s second most expensive spice and notoriously difficult to grow crop, the AI powered smart farm relies on patented planting techniques. These techniques create an optimal growth environment, crucial for the sensitive vanilla plants at the same time creating an Edutainment experience.

With innovation and technology, Kairos Agriculture’s smart farm can generate up to 43% more than the average yield compared to a traditional soil based 2-acre vanilla farm.

Tours offer a comprehensive look into smart farming processes, from the innovative self-watering system to advanced sensors for environment monitoring. The farm is also 100% chemical-free and sustainably built, emphasising environmental responsibility.

Source: Kairos Agriculture

Visitors have the opportunity to engage with the farm’s ecosystem, interacting with over 20,000 Tilapia fish in the aquaponic rainwater harvesting pond assisting in natural water filtration.

The farm’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness is further exemplified by its vermi-compost farm, vegetable patch, and fruit orchard.

Listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the country’s first and largest Vanilla Smart Farm, Vanilla Village now welcomes the public for tours, making it an ideal destination for families, agriculture enthusiasts, as well as educational and corporate groups.

Source: Kairos Agriculture

Product is not only sold onsite but the farm is entertaining export opportunities.

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