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Healthy Living Upside As HappyCow Rates Top 7 Vegan-Friendly Cities '24

In a health-conscious world where veganism is rapidly gaining momentum, vegan eating app, HappyCow reveals the top vegan-friendly cities of 2024.

This comprehensive analysis, part of HappyCow's continuous effort to guide the vegan community since 1999, highlights a significant shift towards more sustainable and healthy living in urban environments.

Top of the list and heading for 'Blue Zone' status is:

1. London-A Vegan’s Paradise Despite a 22% decrease in total vegan business count, London holds its top spot with 161 fully vegan restaurants and over 350 vegan establishments. The city's vegan scene is vibrant, showcasing a diverse range of options from fine dining like Gauthier Soho to more casual spots like Club Mexicana.

GauthierInSoho via Instagram

Source: GauthierInSoho via Instagram

2. Berlin-Progressive and Plentiful Berlin follows with a 21% growth in vegan businesses and a 34% increase in vegan-friendly listings. With 124 vegan restaurants in the city center, Berlin offers an array of choices, including the oldest vegan fast-food restaurant in Germany, Yoyo Foodworld and new entrant Emira.

Emira Restaurant Berlin vegan sushi

Source: Emira Restaurant Berlin -Asian inspired vegan sushi Insta

3. Barcelona-Rapid Vegan Growth Barcelona impresses with a 173% increase in vegan businesses. The city now boasts 58 fully vegan restaurants and a total of 894 vegan-friendly listings. This includes innovative spots like La Galla Tasca Vegana and Age of Aquarius.

La Galla Tasca Vegana Barcelona

Source: La Galla Tasca Vegana via Insta

4. Amsterdam-Steady and Sustainable Amsterdam’s vegan scene is steady, maintaining its position with 67 vegan restaurants and 107 fully vegan establishments. The city offers unique experiences like vegan squat kitchens and zero-waste stores like Little Plant Pantry.

5. Hamburg-A New Vegan Hub Hamburg debuts on the list with a surprising 55% growth in vegan businesses. The city's 56 all-vegan restaurants and 99 vegan businesses, including Gustav Grün and Apple & Eve, mark it as a rising star in the vegan world.

6. Portland: Density and Diversity Portland, with the highest density of vegan establishments relative to its population, returns to the list. The city has 53 all-vegan restaurants and a total of 574 listings on HappyCow. Notable additions include June, XO Bar and Chubby Bunny, a vegan food truck serving breakfast sandwiches.

Chubby Bunny Portland

Source: Chubby Bunny via Insta

7. Los Angeles: A Vegan Mecca Despite a 27% decline in vegan businesses, LA remains a stronghold with 61 fully vegan restaurants and 145 vegan businesses. The city offers a mix of upscale dining and unique experiences like Justine’s Wine Bar and Vegan Playground.

Vegan Playground LA

Source: VeganPlayground via Insta

So are we seeing a global vegan trends upswing?

The data indicates a 31% rise in vegan-friendly listings and a 4% growth in fully vegan establishments globally. European cities, in particular, show remarkable expansion in their vegan offerings. Despite some cities facing a decline in the number of vegan restaurants, the overall trend reveals a mainstream acceptance of veganism.

So what does the global picture look like for The Happy Cow Community?

HappyCow is celebrating its 24th birthday and continues to be a guiding force in the vegan movement. With over 217,700 businesses listed in more than 180 countries, the platform illustrates a robust global shift towards healthier, more sustainable living choices. The HappyCow community, with its millions of app downloads and active user engagement, plays a pivotal role in this green revolution, proving that city health is indeed seeing a healthy living upside.

For the complete list of world wide cities in order CLICK HERE



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