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Greens Supermarket Plant-Based & Sun Powered Opens In Sydney’s Newtown

Australia welcomes a new addition to the plant-based food scene as Greens Supermarket opens its doors in Newtown, Sydney.

Greens Supermarket Newtown, Sydney frontage

The largest plant-based supermarket in the country offers an impressive range of over 3,000 vegan products, catering to plant-based foodies and environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Founders, Peter Varvaressos and Sophia Stewart-Kasimba, have implemented a zero-waste policy to combat food waste. Unsold fresh produce is repurposed in-house to create a range of ready-made meals, minimizing waste and promoting sustainable living.

Two adjoining eateries, Kimu Sabi and Hide, are set to open soon and will incorporate these rescued ingredients into their menus, further reducing food waste.

Greens Supermarket’s also has a commitment to animal welfare. Edible items unsuitable for human consumption but suitable for animals are donated to Zambi Wildlife Retreat, a compassionate animal welfare charity providing sanctuary for retired show animals.

A splash in the Sydney' Sydney Morning Herald saw vegan and plant-based shoppers travelling across town to check out Greens new operation.

SMH feature on Greens Supermarket

Source: Screen grab from the SMH-Peter Varvaressos

“We want to redefine how people shop for plant-based products and how businesses address food waste and environmental impact,” says Peter Varvaressos, Co-founder of Greens Supermarket.

In addition to its ethical practices, Greens Supermarket provides a pleasant shopping experience with a free sparkling water station for shoppers along with a vast range of plant-based products.

Greens Supermarket further demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility by utilizing environmentally friendly solar power to minimize its carbon footprint.

Greens Supermarket’s opening marks a significant step forward for the Sydney, plant-based movement, offering a wide selection of vegan products, promoting sustainability, and inspiring positive change in the community and beyond.

With its emphasis on ethical practices and sustainable solutions, Greens Supermarket is indeed living up to its name.

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