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Fine Food NZ Event Embraces The Plant-Based Paradigm

This years 'menu' for New Zealand's largest biennial hospitality, food retail and foodservice trade event sees plant-based becoming the 'new normal', according to Fine Food NZ event organisers.

The country’s premier event for the hospitality, food retail and foodservice industries is making a record return in June 2023 by attracting more than 250 exhibitors, converging at Auckland Showgrounds to share the latest flavours, trends, equipment, ingredients and beverages, contributing to quintessentially Kiwi experiences across the country.

A packed agenda includes training and education, demonstrations, the NZ Chefs Championships and Global Chefs Challenge, the introduction of the Restaurant Association’s ‘Hospo Hui’, and much more.

Source: FineFoods NZ Chefs in action.

'We are not surprised by the growth in interest in plant-based food service options', says Deb Haimes, Fine Food New Zealand Event Manager.

'It's inspiring to witness the power of 'consumer demand' propelling plant-based innovation here in New Zealand, driving an increasing number of food service providers to embrace and cater to the growing appetite for plant-based offerings' says Deb Haimes.

Companies like Vitasoy, Alternative Dairy Company, Life Health Foods, Food Nation, The Dam Good Food Company are up there hauling it with established food service operators.

'Restaurant and food service trends show very clearly the savvy and demanding diner is demanding sustainable plant-based options aside from the meat, fish and poultry. Now PB figures right beside traditional offerings', says Deb Haimes.

Source: Fine Food NZ - Some of the 'F' exhibitors

Food Nation, in the market now for over three years, will have a full range of its products ready for tasting in order to attract more food service business.

Co-Founder Miranda Burdon attributes the consistent growth of the plant-based sector in New Zealand to the support of the trade.

Source: Food Nation - Great to see the use of New Zealand hemp in this 'Magic Mince' line.

Food Nation agrees with Deb Haimes comment.

'Without a doubt, the food service sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation which reflects the responsiveness of the trade to consumer demands. Our business is very focused on supporting our customers to meet this growing demand with an expanding range of plant-based lines along with nation wide service - after all, we want to live up to our name', says Miranda Burdon.

Fine Food New Zealand is supported by partners including Tasman Liquor, Service Foods, Anchor Food Professionals, Gilmours Wholesale Food & Beverage, NZ Chefs Association, Bidfood, The Restaurant Association of New Zealand, FMCG Business, Hospitality Business, Baking New Zealand and Restaurant and Café. The event takes place at the Auckland Showgrounds from June 25-27. Attendance is free for trade delegates who register online.

For more information or to register, CLICK HERE

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