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Asian Inspired 'Myrtle Greens' Chicken & Dumplings Takes Out Top US Restaurant Association lookAward

Despite facing strong competition from non-plant-based and dairy alternatives, Myrtle Greens chicken & dumplings takes out the prestigious 2023 FABI Award (Food and Beverage Innovation) by the US National Restaurant Association.

Source: NRA

The award recognises the company's outstanding contributions to the plant-based culinary world through their latest product launches: the Vegetarian Plus Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings and the Vegetarian Plus Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings. These offerings cater to the growing demand for consumer-friendly plant-based options, providing a tasty and guilt-free dining experience.

Source: MyrtleGreens Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings

The Vegetarian Plus Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings excel in delivering a delightful blend of juicy tenderness and a crispy exterior. This innovative product allows food industry operators to expand their menus and tap into the growing demand for boneless chicken wings. Its versatility offers numerous sauce and style options, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

The FABI Awards celebrate products pushing the boundaries of flavours and taste in the foodservice industry. Tina Lin, President of Myrtle Greens, expressed her excitement about receiving this prestigious recognition.

'We feel this award perfectly aligns with our brand Vegetarian Plus’ mission to create delicious, plant-based, flavour forward, global foods that everyone can enjoy', says Tina Lin.

Myrtle Greens' second 2023 FABI Award winner is the Vegetarian Plus Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings, blending the best of East and West food trends. These dumplings boast a savory, meat-like taste and texture, enhanced by a delightful blend of Asian spices and seasonings. Designed with food operators in mind, these dumplings are convenient to steam and serve, making them perfect as appetisers, snacks, or main entrees.

“Our plant-based wings and dumplings not only showcase our team’s culinary talents but also show just how far plant-based foods have come. Without needing to compromise on taste or texture, our products are the perfect plant-based crossover foods that appeal to everyone', says Tina Lin.

These products and more will be sampled at this weekend's National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago at the Myrtle Greens’ Booth #178



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