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Could OatPlus Oat Milk Hitch A Ride To Mars With SpaceX ?

Maybe the International Space Station (ISS) is first stop, but don't rule out the possibility of the Netherlands-based based OatPlus spray-dried Oat Milk being a part of the future nutritional profile for 'off-world' astronauts.

This is according to OatPlus Co-Owner and Director, Bert Stoker who is 'bullish' about his company's unique spray-dried oat milk product reaching new heights.

'Of course, our powders can be used as nutritional supplements for crew members aboard the International Space Station (ISS). NASA has also used "normal" milk powder as a nutritional supplement for astronauts in the past', says Bert.

'The food sent to the ISS is rigorously tested and carefully selected to ensure that it is safe and nutritious for the crew. The food must also be light, storable, and easy to prepare in the microgravity environment. Therefore, our oat milk powders can certainly be used as a nutriti