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Emirates Reveals its Vegan Lineup of 300 Recipes as Demand for Plant-Based Cuisine Increases by 40%

As the world increasingly embraces Veganuary , Emirates Airlines is responding to a 40% spike in customer demand for plant-based meals.

This year, Emirates will expand its culinary offerings with a range of new vegan dishes both onboard and in its lounges, enriching its impressive vegan lineup now boasting more than 300 plant-based recipes.

This, across 140 destinations, a significant rise from 180 recipes in 2022.

The airline served more than 450,000 plant-based meals onboard in 2023, up from 280,000 in 2022.

Emirates inflight meal preparation

Source: Emirates

Vegan meal consumption soared by 40% year-on-year, with notable regional spikes in Africa (4% increase), Southeast Asia (5%), and a remarkable 34% rise in the Middle East.

The most substantial growth in vegan meal consumption was observed in Economy Class, particularly on routes to China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Emirates also caters to its Cabin Crew with vegan options, introduced in 2018.

The biggest increase in vegan option demand has occured in Economy Class.

Economy Class offers dishes like chickpea crepes, pumpkin frittatas, tofu tikka masala, and chickpea kale stew, accompanied by delightful vegan desserts.

Emirates inflight meal

Source: Emirates

Premium Economy passengers can enjoy jackfruit curry, squash chestnut stew, chocolate tofu cheesecake, and raspberry parfait.

Business Class features sophisticated dishes like roasted cauliflower with ancient grains, Asian tofu and shitake mushroom ragout, alongside exquisite desserts like tropical coconut pineapple cake.

Emirates inflight meals

Source: Emirates

First Class elevates vegan dining with creations like creamy polenta cake with thyme mushroom ragout, aubergine curry with charred rice, and indulgent desserts like warm chocolate fondant with salted caramel sauce.

Later this year, Emirates plans to introduce new vegan main courses, snacks like fruit muffins and vegan pizza, and an assortment of desserts including chocolate pecan cake.

Emirates inflight meal

Source: Emirates

Emirates prioritises high-quality, global ingredients for its vegan offerings. This includes plant-based proteins from Beyond Meat in California, soybean protein from Singapore's Arlene, Japanese Qian Ye pressed tofu, organic vegan chocolate from France's Linnolat, vegan curry paste from Pantai in Thailand and a variety of other international products.

Emirates inflight food service

Source: Emirates

Fresh produce like kale and lettuce are sourced from Bustanica, the world's largest hydroponic vertical farm, co-invested by Emirates Flight Catering.

Bustinica Dubai

Source: Bustinica

The past decade has seen a notable increase in demand for vegan dishes on routes to the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

In 2022, Emirates introduced a gourmet vegan menu for First and Business Class, offering more choices for passengers seeking healthy, plant-based meals during their travels.

All vegan meals have to be pre-booked.

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