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Princess Cruises Turn To Sail Into Greener Waters with New Vegan Menu

Responding to the growing interest in plant-based diets, Princess Cruises has introduced a series of curated vegan menus across its 15 ship fleet.

With a focus on sustainability and catering to evolving dietary preferences, the new vegan menus are available in the main dining rooms. Guests can now savour a variety of starters, salads, soups, pastas, and mains, all prepared without the use of any animal products.

Fans of The Love Boat, Princess Cruises’ iconic association, will now find it even easier to embrace a plant-based lifestyle or simply explore vegan options during their voyage.

Princess Cruises new Sun Princess

Source: Princess Cruises new Sun Princess

The nightly menus in the main dining rooms feature an array of plant-based choices.

Sami Kohen, Princess Cruises Vice President of Food and Beverage, says, “We believe in evolving with the times and fulfilling the diverse needs of our guests. The addition of these vegan menus is a step towards ensuring a memorable dining experience for everyone on board.”

Sources: Princess Cruises -  roasted pears with dried apricots and pistachios

The vegan menus feature dishes, including black beans on toast with tomato and avocado, roasted pears with dried apricots and pistachios, and Baja-style cauliflower tacos for starters. The salad selection offers options like French potato salad with Dijon mustard and fine herbs, green goddess salad with tofu, and endive, beet, and pear slaw.

For those seeking a warm bowl of soup, creamy white bean, chickpea noodle, and roasted eggplant and tomato soups await. Pasta lovers can indulge in fettuccine with walnut sauce, penne with red pepper pesto, and farfalle and summer squash with tomatoes, basil, and pine nuts.

When it comes to mains, guests can savour stir-fried portobellos with soy-maple sauce, plant-based shepherd’s pie, and walkaway ratatouille.

Princess Cruises want to make sure every guest enjoys an exceptional dining experience, regardless of their dietary preferences.

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