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Dubai's BOCA Wins Gault&Millau 2023 Sustainable Kitchen Award - Again!

In the heart of Dubai, a culinary jewel is redefining sustainability in the food industry and is emerging as a 'Best Practices Benchmark' for the global food service industry. BOCA Dubai!

BOCA Dubai food dish

Source: BOCA - Dubai

BOCA, Dubai a home-grown concept born in the UAE's desert, has once again received acclaim, winning the Gault&Millau UAE's 2023 Sustainable Kitchen of the Year award. This recognition is not just a testament to its delectable Mediterranean cuisine but a nod to its profound commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint.

BOCA Dubai

Omar Shihab, BOCA's founder and chief sustainability officer, is the driving force behind this transformation. At BOCA, the focus isn't just on creating beautiful food; it's about conscientiously curating every aspect of the dining experience. From sourcing local ingredients to innovatively reducing food waste, BOCA is a trailblazer in sustainable gastronomy. BOCA is literally walking its talk!

Source: BOCA-Dubai

Even with its Mediterranean roots, BOCA prioritises local produce, supporting UAE farmers and fishermen, and contributing to a more sustainable food ecosystem. Its commitment extends beyond the kitchen, with initiatives like refusing single-use plastics, operating a demand-driven inventory, and collaborating only with partners who share its sustainability ethos.

BOCA-Dubai - Slides

This dedication to eco-supporting practices is evident in every facet of BOCA's operations. The restaurant, located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), boasts a leadership team entirely comprised of women, led by Executive Chef Patricia Roig. Running on 100% renewable energy, BOCA's efforts extend to rigorous self-assessment, including a comprehensive carbon emissions report.

BOCA Sustainability Manifesto

BOCA's sustainability pillars - championing local produce, proactive waste management, valuing renewable resources, and transparency in carbon emissions reporting - are not just guidelines but the core of its operational philosophy. The restaurant's journey, detailed in its "Sustainability Manifesto," and various published documents like the "Local Ingredients: An Illustrated Guide," demonstrate its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The restaurant's accolades, including the Gulf Sustainability Award and the coveted MICHELIN Green Star, highlight its status as a leader in sustainable dining. As BOCA undergoes the Food Made Good rating and continues to assess its carbon footprint with elementsix, it sets a high bar for others in the industry.

BOCA isn't just serving food; it's providing a blueprint for how food services can positively impact our planet.

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