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Roots and Rolls Eco-Conscious Dining with 'EcoBite'-Inspired Metrics at COP28

Barcelona’s plant-based sushi restaurant, Roots and Rolls is making waves at COP28 with its innovative adaptation inspired by event organisers of what could best be described as an 'EcoBite' concept.

Rolls and Roots Founder Sandra de Jong

By incorporating foundational elements of the COP EcoBite into their operational ethos, they are using a unique metric system measuring and displaying the carbon footprint and water usage of their menu items. This forward-thinking approach positions Roots and Rolls not just as a culinary innovator but as a co-leader in the growing movement of environmental consciousness within the food service industry.

At the heart of Roots and Rolls adoption of the COP initiative is a commitment to transparency and sustainability. The tool, inspired by literally measuring the carbon footprint of each mouthful of food, offers diners a clear and immediate understanding of the environmental impact of their food choices.

Pictured left: Sandra de Jong, Roots and Rolls Founder at COP28

Source: Rolls and Roots

This system goes beyond traditional menu labeling, providing quantifiable data on the resources expended in the creation of each dish. By doing so, Roots and Rolls is addressing a growing demand among consumers for a deeper connection and understanding of the ecological implications of their dietary choices.

Check out Sandra de Jong's video walk-through of the PXB Park-COP 28 and her explanation of how Rolls and Roots is making a difference.

The significance of Roots and Rolls efforts extends far beyond its local impact. As a participant in COP28's PXB - Plant-Based Food Park, the restaurant is setting a precedent for the global food service sector. They are showcasing how the adoption of the COP 'EcoBite’s' foundational principles can lead to practical, impactful change.

Source: Roots and Rolls

Are Roots and Rolls riding the wave of the times? In many ways, yes. They are catering not just to the palate but to the 'emotional ecology' of their customers — a term that encompasses the increasingly present desire to align personal values with consumption habits. This emotional ecology is a driving force in today’s market, and Roots and Rolls is adeptly tapping into it.

Rolls and Roots founder Sandra de Jong

The potential ripple effect of this initiative cannot be understated. By taking the lead in integrating environmental metrics into their menu, Roots and Rolls is likely to inspire other food service operators to follow suit.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, demand for such transparency in the food industry is expected to grow, and early adopters like Roots and Rolls will be viewed as trailblazers.

Roots and Rolls' adoptation of the 'EcoBite' principles at COP28 (shown left) is more than just a novel feature; it's a testament to the evolving relationship between food consumption and environmental awareness. It highlights a pivotal shift in the food service industry, where ecological transparency is becoming as crucial as the culinary experience itself.

Roots and Rolls is not just serving food; they are nurturing an eco-conscious dining culture, paving the way for a more sustainable future in the food industry and the long-term health of Planet Earth.

For more information CLICK HERE.

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